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Written by Jamey Causey

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To color on not to color:

The colors choice that you make for your ad graphic is very important as it can work for you or against you. You'll have to limit your palette to keeprepparttar file size low and stay away from dark text on a dark background. Colors such a bright red and yellow tend to do better than drab colors like brown and gray.

Don't keep beating a dead banner:

The forementioned study also concluded that ad banners effectiveness increased noticiably whenrepparttar 101195 banners were frequently changed. You banner's response rates usually decrease byrepparttar 101196 second to third time someone sees it. We recommend that you rotate several versions of your banners every few weeks.

KeyWords & Experimentation :

Whilerepparttar 101197 words "Click Here" and "Free" are not magic bullets, they do often help a banner get a get better response rates. Of course, if you have nothing free to offer, don't userepparttar 101198 word "Free". We don't do "Trick" banners.

The bottom line is that making effective ad graphics can be very involved - experiment , keep good performance stats, enjoyrepparttar 101199 creative process.

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Written by Ginny Grein

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ads so that none of them are noticed. Althoughrepparttar tracking system I use does not show me exactly which ezine I am getting hits from I know I am getting responses based onrepparttar 101194 dates and whenrepparttar 101195 ezines are printed andrepparttar 101196 fact that "unknown" shows up as a referral. Being a fledgling site that does not yet get a large number of hits, I am pleased withrepparttar 101197 10 or 20 hits/ezine I get from doing this. I have spent money inrepparttar 101198 past on ezine advertising and have not been as pleased. After all, this advertising costs me nothing but my time (and that isn't much) and allows me to target my ads. What more could I ask for? Another good aspect of swapping isrepparttar 101199 fact that I can test out ads at no cost to me. If an ad does not work, I just change it until I have one that does work. Then, I userepparttar 101200 ad for larger, paid advertising campaigns. As far as I can see, swapping has worked as well for me as paid ezine advertising. Of course, to reachrepparttar 101201 really large numbers, you will have to use paid ezine advertising. I highly recommend this form of advertising to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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