Banner Ads Suffer, Take Advantage

Written by Dale Sexton

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Ask a question. For example, 'Can Ginko Biloba increase my memory potential? Visit Stacy's Herbal Shop to find out!' Spark interest, andrepparttar visitor will clickrepparttar 101128 banner forrepparttar 101129 answer.

Use ALT attribute inrepparttar 101130 image tags of your banners. Many people surf with images turned off. The ALT attribute will describerepparttar 101131 content ofrepparttar 101132 banner and can bring people to your site, even if they can't seerepparttar 101133 image!

Target your banner to similar websites. Your banner will pull better when associated with an appropriately key worded websites.

Do you want antique shoppers to visit your site? Choose a banner exchange for antiques. Ifrepparttar 101134 banner implies an offer, product, or service presented within specific and targeted context, that banner will get clicked more often.

Overall, surfers refuse to click on banners because banners look like... banners.

A secret to try... make banners that don't look like banners. Make a promise with your banner ad, and deliver. Your visitor will not be irritated by being "fooled" so long as they ultimately get what was promised. Ifrepparttar 101135 surfer doesn't get what s/he was looking for you will see a very poor conversion ratio.

Banners that look like internet interface elements (drop down menus and other elements customers are accustomed to clicking on) are known to generate high click-through rates.

Change your banners often. After a few hundred thousand impressions a banner becomes stale and it's click-through rate will drop. Be systematic. Track your banners constantly.

You need to know what works and what doesn't, and that this can change daily. Keep those banners that work well so as to rotate them back at a later date.

Banners take up valuable web real estate. Do you have high traffic pages you are failing to place ads on? What are your CGI 'onrepparttar 101136 fly' pages doing? Your search pages are prime also.

You are not limited to banners. Use your favorite search engine to find button exchanges and link exchanges as well. Check out these sites for free exchanges.

Let's not leave without a few tools to make our banners with. These tools can be used for other applications as well. Be creative.

MS Gif Animator 3D GIF Designer Harm's Tiles Web Paint

Banners are still being used, though their potency is diminishing, nevertheless haven't you seen banners and buttons that caught your eye? The limitation to using banners are yourself, but isn't this is true of anything.

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Ads Not Pulling? Don't Blame the Publisher Yet! Ad Writer's Tips and Tricks

Written by Robert Olson

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get one that stands out fromrepparttar rest but this is really a small price to makerepparttar 101127 difference between success and failure. Start by writing downrepparttar 101128 main benefit of your product or service. A benefit is something that fills a need inrepparttar 101129 reader's life. It may be more money or better health. It maybe a service that saves valuable time or just makes life easier in some way. When you know what your main benefit is, start writing headlines using power words to emphasize and magnify your main benefit. Before you begin, it would be wise to read ads forrepparttar 101130 purpose of learning to write ads. You will start to seerepparttar 101131 big differences between ads.... fromrepparttar 101132 bland torepparttar 101133 downright compelling! One person might write 'Eggs for Sale' butrepparttar 101134 next person may make his eggs sound so much better even ifrepparttar 101135 eggs are identical! 'Farm Fresh Eggs for Sale!' Now don't those eggs sound much better? Once you have a headline that you feel can getrepparttar 101136 reader's attention, your next job is to develop 'Interest and Desire'. As with most ads, you will have to do this with a limited amount of words so don't waste them! The reader of your ad should be persuaded that what you offer will solve one of their problems. Let them know that your Herbal Pain Relief Formula really will give them a pain free life once again! Use power words to emphasizerepparttar 101137 benefits they will get if they respond to your ad. Solve one ofrepparttar 101138 reader's problems with words and your are just about there! One ofrepparttar 101139 biggest mistakes made by ad writers is when they fail to askrepparttar 101140 reader to take 'action'. If you have a Herbal Pain Formula website, you might closerepparttar 101141 ad by writing 'To End Your Pain - Click Here! If you wantrepparttar 101142 person to respond by email, by phone or to write to you, tell them how to respond. If you don't tell them to respond they probably won't! Here is how an ad for a herbal pain formula might read: Live Pain Free! New Herbal Formula with Pain Free Guarantee! To End Your Pain - Click Here Now! Ad writing or copywriting is an art and you can't learn it all from any one article. But if you will seek outrepparttar 101143 information and spend some time at developing this art, you can see a difference in your response rates. With time, you may even write an award winner that could pull for years to come!

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