Banner Ads Don't Work, But Non-Banners Do!

Written by Ernie West

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a dark background. Put useful information on your banner. Highlight key words and phrases. Use a power headline consisting of your best benefit right up front. Appeal to their "click impulse". Make them an offer they can't refuse. Create a sense of urgency. Putrepparttar words "Click Here" atrepparttar 101192 end ofrepparttar 101193 text message, underlined and in standard blue. This visual isrepparttar 101194 most underused and yetrepparttar 101195 most effective way of getting a surfer to click. Who cares about having fancy buttons, use what works! Don't use animated banners. Animated banners do pull better than static banners but they still look like banners. Most people smile and say "That's cute!" before clicking away somewhere else. Normal text doesn't flash or move, so neither should your non-banner. By following these and other simple rules for banner design you could very well, through testing, end up with a non-banner that generates a much higher click-thru rate than a conventional banner. Currently many website owners are only too happy to host your banner and collect your money for doing so sincerepparttar 101196 banner is only pulling a little of his traffic and is harmless to him. However, he might become concerned after your new non-banner starts to pull a bigger chunk of his traffic away from his site! Of course, you won't care because you'll be on your way torepparttar 101197 bank...

Ernie has put the rest of the design ideas and a sample "non-banner" on his site at

The Secret Methods of Tracking Your Advertising

Written by Marc Goldman

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Your server logs record every URL that was entered (or clicked on) to get to your site. Whenever people order, you can go to your server logs and matchrepparttar time they ordered torepparttar 101191 time that hits to your sales page were received usingrepparttar 101192 unique code. This will help you to determine which ad brought inrepparttar 101193 sale.

If you do not have access to your server logs or you do not know how to use them, there are many free and inexpensive stat tracking solutions available onrepparttar 101194 internet that are easy to understand and implement. Here is one that we highly recommend using: Sitegauge

How will you determine which ads were effective? Inrepparttar 101195 offline world, advertising is measured in response rate. This means how many people responded to your ad (responded could mean clickthrus, sales or even subscribers to your ezine). You have to decide which ofrepparttar 101196 possible responses is valuable to you. Are you trying to get more traffic, more sales or simply capture email addresses so you can follow up at a later date?

Since we are talking about sales in this article, you have to determine how many visitors it takes before you get a sale. If an ad brought in 100 visitors and you had 4 sales, then you have a 25% response rate. That is quite amazing. You would then want to keep runningrepparttar 101197 ad inrepparttar 101198 ezine that brought you that response rate until you seerepparttar 101199 rate start to drop dramatically.

What you have just learned isrepparttar 101200 key to cost effective advertising. Advertising, when performed efficiently is like an exact science instead of a guessing game. This is scientific advertising at it's best!

P.S. An even simpler (albeit not free) way of tracking ads is to purchase affiliate software and use it to track your ads by manually assigning each ad a unique affiliate id. This is very simple to do and can be set up quite easily.

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