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Written by Bob Osgoodby

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The Internet is constantly evolving with new technology and functionality, butrepparttar banner will continue to have value. One tool however, cannot berepparttar 101219 only advertising vehicle. A lot of people are loading their sites with animation and music. Many times it takes so long to load, that people simply click away. This is a case where a simple banner might be more effective. Any advertising program cannot stand onrepparttar 101220 merits of only one method.

While banner ads have their place, unless they are on other web sites they won't generate any traffic to your web site. Inrepparttar 101221 online arena, ezine advertising continues to be one ofrepparttar 101222 strongest methods of reaching large numbers. A coordinated program of web ads and ezine ads is still probably your best bet.

Are banner ads passe'? As far as building traffic, I feel they have passed their prime. Proponents of banner ads however will claim you will get large numbers of hits to your site, and this is true. But hits are not sales and should not be your primary concern.

Everything you do in your advertising program should be geared toward doing business. If you think about it, even with an aggressive banner ad campaign that points people to your web site, other than banner ads which then point them someplace else, what will they see when they get there? Most people today are not willing to place them on their home page as they distract fromrepparttar 101223 primary purpose ofrepparttar 101224 site.

One ofrepparttar 101225 strongest use of banners is to help brand your product, and build your company name identification. While it is true that traffic to your web site is important, when they get thererepparttar 101226 sole purpose at that point should be to closerepparttar 101227 sale. Anything that dilutes that should be avoided.

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What Makes A Great Online Ad?

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Third, we haverepparttar "Call to Action" - this is what you want them to do. Online, we only have a few options, but they are very powerful. E-mail to you is one and a visit to your Web Site is another. If you have an 800 number, that should be included. But forget giving them a number to call that will cost them long distance charges - they simply won't do it. Forget about writing you for information - capitalize on their impulse.

Now how do I know I have a "great" ad? That's easy - you get responses. Does that mean sales - no. It means responses. The sales part is a whole different animal.

To wrap us this part ofrepparttar 101218 discussion, we must remember that it takes at least 5 to 7 exposures, onrepparttar 101219 average in traditional advertising, to get a customer to "walk through your door". Advertising online isrepparttar 101220 same. You cannot expect your ads to generate leads if they are only done once or twice, or by using a shotgun approach. Consistency here isrepparttar 101221 key - keep your offer in front of your prospects on a regular basis.

Don't be afraid to experiment with your ad copy. Keep a notebook which has copies of your ads with one per page. When you get a response, make a note there and include their E-mail address. Rotate your ads on a fairly regular basis to ensure they are all getting a fair chance. After awhile, you will see which ads are generatingrepparttar 101222 most responses. Discard those that are not and concentrate on improving those that are.

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