Banner Ads: How To Quadruple Clickthroughs Using Proven Techniques!

Written by Grady Smith

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The headline above addresses two powerful motivators for someone that owns an RV. First, money, a universal motivator. And second, traveling in their RV. This creates excitement for an RV enthusiast readingrepparttar headline and lures them intorepparttar 100991 copy.

Second, a banner ad works better when it appears interactive.

Create buttons on your banner thatrepparttar 100992 reader can click. Perhaps a survey whererepparttar 100993 user clicks radio buttons to reply. Or, something that looks like a drop down menu thatrepparttar 100994 user clicks.

Third, as in any form of effective advertising, you need to create a sense of urgency.

Banner ads need to pullrepparttar 100995 reader away fromrepparttar 100996 website they’re already viewing. So, aside from an offer that speaks directly to them, you need to give them a reason to stop searchingrepparttar 100997 site they’re on and choose to visitrepparttar 100998 site your banner points to.

“Click Now” works, but an even more effective urgency creator would be “limited supplies” or “special discount forrepparttar 100999 first 100 visits”!

Fourth, make sure your banner design is simple. Key words should stand out. Graphics should be light, and only used to capture attention. Use color schemes that compliment one another and drawrepparttar 101000 eye.

Using these ideas in your own banner ads can dramatically increase clickthroughs. By applying them to your own banner marketing you can set your own personal records for clickthroughs and profits.

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21 Ways To Increase The Pulling Power of Your Ads

Written by Kris Mills

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eg. "At xyz company we have a widget that does this that andrepparttar other so you ..."

9. Show them proof by giving specific results, mentioning testimonials and mentioning a guarantee. This dissolves scepticsim and therefore lowersrepparttar 100990 barriers to doing business with you.

10. Articulate your "point of difference" ... what sets you apart from your competitors. Shout it fromrepparttar 100991 rooftops. Eg. delivered in 30 minutes or it’s FREE.

11. Offer free information, such as an information pack or catalogue. Describe that free information and why it is so useful.

Give it an interesting title, such as ‘56 ways to increase your wealth using just $56’.

11. Tell them to act by making an offer and stressing urgency. Simply ask them to ring, fax, or write to post an order. Make it a limited offer. eg.

"Offer ends April 4, 2001 so call now".

12. Include your address inrepparttar 100992 last paragraph of copy, beneath your logo, and in your response device, in and easy to read font.

13. Include a toll-free number in extra large type in your ad.

14. Use a coupon or response device, it increases responses by 25% to 100%.

15.Give plenty of room for readers to fill outrepparttar 100993 coupon details and give it a headline like "Yes, I'd like to learn how to cut my mortgage interest bill in half."

16. Give lots of options in your response device. These may include getting a report, a free consultation, a phone call from a salesperson etc.

17. Put a dashed or cut alongrepparttar 100994 dotted line border on an ad less than ¼ page. It gives a coupon-like appearance and makes people cut it out and keep it. You can even say "cut out this ad and send it to us for more information."

18. A reply paid device can double your responses because it makes it that much easier for people to respond.

19. Put in a reference number to make testing and measuring easier. Haverepparttar 100995 reader made aware they should quoterepparttar 100996 reference number when they call.

20. The layout must be (first and foremost) easy to read. "Serif" (Times New Roman) typefaces are easier to read than "sans serif" (Arial).

21.Look atrepparttar 100997 ads that have worked best for you to see if you can distinguish a common theme in them.

Kris Mills of Words that Sell ( )is a top selling copywriterand respected author of numerous publications. For more copywriting and direct marketing tips, visit

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