Bane or Boon

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Another group sends complaints torepparttar ISP ofrepparttar 109659 offender. Ifrepparttar 109660 spammer used a forged address however, they quickly learn that this is a waste of time. They receive back a very nice note fromrepparttar 109661 ISP, telling them thatrepparttar 109662 address they are complaining about doesn't exist on their server. They stop doing this very quickly, but still hate spam.

They then buy software that will parse a note and send a complaint to every URL or email address contained inrepparttar 109663 spam. Or worse yet, they complain to some self-appointed guardian ofrepparttar 109664 web who does it for them. This is OK if it is a legitimate piece of spam, but I have seen this done by someone who subscribed to a Newsletter, had a very senior moment, forgot they had subscribed, and did it torepparttar 109665 publisher.

This means thatrepparttar 109666 ISP of every single URL or email address contained inrepparttar 109667 newsletter gets sent a complaint. This includes everyone who is identifiable inrepparttar 109668 Newsletter such asrepparttar 109669 authors ofrepparttar 109670 articles,repparttar 109671 advertisers inrepparttar 109672 Newsletter and anyone else who happens to have their web site listed there. Hey folks this just isn't fair.

There are too many other ways to solverepparttar 109673 problem of spam arriving in your mailbox. First of all, much spam is generated if you use your email address onrepparttar 109674 web or in a chat room. Your best bet is get free "throw away" addresses, and whenrepparttar 109675 need forrepparttar 109676 address doesn't exist any longer, simply cancel it.

If you own your own domain, use an address that you tie in with your advertising. When that starts to get overloaded, and it will, change it in your ads and filter messages torepparttar 109677 old address to your trash bin.

Is it a bane or is it a boon. If you let it control you, it falls intorepparttar 109678 first category. But if you use it intelligently, it can be a most valuable asset to you and your business.

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Bouncing Emails- A Pain in the Neck or Maybe Not!

Written by Donna Sweat

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I publish my newsletter three times a week and send several solo ads, and I offer free ads to my subscribers through an adcode. I include a classified editon of subscriber ads, but I also provide a article ezine to balance it out.I am generous and care about my list.I do my best to remove anyone that wishes to unsubscribe, even though each email has an unsubscribe link enclosed. My list is 100% optin.and double opt-in for most. The latter may be a hassle, but it sorts outrepparttar serious subscriber fromrepparttar 109658 greedy one.I do not care to have someone come along and try to get more then what is offered. Take it or leave it alone.

I receive hundreds of emails a day, probably 2/3 of them are junk, I did not ask for them, but I look all my email over. That means 1/3 is either subscribers or ezines I subscribed to,or business.

I spend alot of time reading and sorting email. I find many good ideas and resources, and many emails that go nowhere, but inrepparttar 109659 trash...Why? Because of a bounce and possibly a sale if they had only provided a reachable email address. Nuf Said!

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