Ban the Banners

Written by Michael T. Smith

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There are some very popular sites onrepparttar Internet with huge affiliate programs. You can find their banners everywhere. You might think that it would be a cinch to make money off such sites by simply placing one of their banners on your site, but guess again. With so many ads, people don't need your banners to find them. Most people have bookmarked them already. To effectively advertise such popular sites, you need to target your readers with custom reviews or inform people about specific sales and promotions so that they feel compelled to click onrepparttar 101140 link immediately.

Now, I am not here to tell you that removingrepparttar 101141 banners off your site will make you an instant success. Without compelling content on your site, you still may not see any changes in traffic. A site that is nothing more than a series of ads is unlikely to be successful, regardless of what formrepparttar 101142 advertisingrepparttar 101143 webmaster uses.

I am not suggesting that everyone should remove banners from their site either. Indeed, it would be foolish forrepparttar 101144 owner of a popular site to remove paid advertising that is generating income. If advertisers are willing to pay up front for banner ads, or if you have banner ads that are performing well, by all means, keep them!

What I am suggesting, however, is that if you have banner ads that aren't generating income that you expected, you might think about removing or replacing them. Consider text-based adverting with compelling reviews aboutrepparttar 101145 products or services. Give your readers something more than just flashy slogans or pictures of beautiful models. Provide your visitors with reasons why they actually need a product or service, so that they buy it from your site now, rather than later.

Instead of simply placing a banner on your site for a site where people can buy a product, write an informative article or review aboutrepparttar 101146 product, and then tell your readers where they can find a great deal on it.

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Secret Money Making Strategy - Learn How to Write Powerful Advertising Copy

Written by Michael J. McGroarty

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Although that may be true, what would you do if you had an ad that actually earned $2,000. profit every time you ran it? You would run it as often as you could, as long as it continued to make money, right? This is where business owners everywhere are killing themselves. Early on when their business is new they test different methods of advertising, if they are really lucky they get favorable results and will continue to advertise. But in many cases they don't, and they convince themselves that their business is not like other types of businesses, and newspaper advertising really won't work for them, and they never bother to test newspaper advertising again. It doesn't matter whether you advertise in newspapers, magazines, on billboards, or onrepparttar internet,repparttar 101139 difference between your ad making really good money and being a total flop lies in how repparttar 101140 ad is written. What offer are you advertising? Doesrepparttar 101141 prospect understand whatrepparttar 101142 offer is? Didrepparttar 101143 prospect even see your ad? Did you tellrepparttar 101144 prospect exactly how to buy? Each of these elements, plus a number of others determine how well your ad will pull. Many businesses survive for years and years, andrepparttar 101145 owner manages to squeak out a living, but how well would they do if they really and truly put forth a major effort to learn how to really write powerful ads. I can assure yourepparttar 101146 difference would be unbelievable. That'srepparttar 101147 problem. So unbelievable that most business owners just don't believe that it will make even a small difference let alone a major difference. They are so, so wrong! Learn how to write powerful advertisements and you will prosper forrepparttar 101148 rest of your life!

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