Balance Your Masculine and Feminine Energies

Written by Michael D. Pollock

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When this happens, although we may be very successful inrepparttar world, it's difficult to find a place of fulfillment, satisfaction and contentment. No sooner do we complete one task, then we're off torepparttar 126270 next thing without taking time to nurture our souls.

Onrepparttar 126271 other hand, if you're more out of balance toward repparttar 126272 feminine energy, you may have trouble focusing and following through on your ideas with action. In more extreme cases, you may even have trouble handlingrepparttar 126273 challenges ofrepparttar 126274 physical world, including making a living and managing money effectively.

When you're in a state of accepting whateverrepparttar 126275 world wants to throw your way, you may find your life being more controlled by others than yourself.

As I mentioned inrepparttar 126276 first paragraph, one key to a successful and fulfilling life is balancing these two primary energies.

Watch forrepparttar 126277 next issue of "It's Your Life!" where I'll give you some strategies for bringing these two energies more into balance to create a life that's both materially successful and spiritually fulfilling.

Inrepparttar 126278 meantime, considerrepparttar 126279 following questions:

1. Do you tend to lean more toward expressingrepparttar 126280 masculine energy,repparttar 126281 feminine energy, or are you fairly balanced? Overrepparttar 126282 next week, be aware of when you're expressing either of these energies.

2. If you notice an imbalance, what problems or challenges do you see as a result of this imbalance?

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You Teach People How to Treat You

Written by Rhoberta Shaler

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One of my favorite quotes comes from John Powell. In his book, The Secret of Staying in Love, he wrote that "the genius of good communication is to be totally kind and totally honest atrepparttar same time." I repeat this quote often to remind myself how to approach teaching people how to treat me. If I do not tellrepparttar 126269 truth about what works for me, I cannot expect another person to honor and respect it. Learning to teach people how to treat us takes practice.

You may still have folks who have been in your life for a long time who take advantage of you, treat you poorly, or are angry, abusive or violent. A habit has been established and they may like it a lot! Consider telling themrepparttar 126270 truth about how their behavior affects you and what changes would makerepparttar 126271 relationship feel more respectful and caring for you. Be both honest and kind. Be prepared to have to repeat this information consistently over time. It is sometimes "inconvenient" for these folks to remember that you have now stated your preferences. They may not want to change. Holding these boundaries also requires attention on your part. Once you have asked forrepparttar 126272 change, you must insist on it or consider giving uprepparttar 126273 relationship. Both of these tasks take positive self-esteem and self-confidence.

Relationships worth having are mutually respectful and responsive. Think about how you might like to apply these thoughts in your daily life.

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