Baking Soda for Cleaning

Written by Rosana Hart

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Baking soda is an abrasive, milder than commercial cleansers. For scrubbing outrepparttar sink, bathtub, or shower stall, for getting gunk offrepparttar 100015 outside of my toaster, and projects of that sort, I find it very useful. Using a rag or sponge, pour some baking soda onto it and then add a little water, just enough to form a paste. Then scrub! You can also mix uprepparttar 100016 paste in a small cup or bowl and then throw out what you haven't used byrepparttar 100017 end of that cleaning session. I keep a small container of baking soda handy byrepparttar 100018 sink, in a closed jar so thatrepparttar 100019 baking soda doesn't cake. You can also use a salt shaker, as you will probably go through that much baking soda before it gets caked up.

Pots and pans that have something burned onrepparttar 100020 bottom call for sterner measures. I admit that sometimes I just reach for my rarely-used commercial cleanser, butrepparttar 100021 baking soda cleaning method is to shake baking soda all overrepparttar 100022 burned stuff and then letrepparttar 100023 pot sit overnight. You can also add a little water and baking soda torepparttar 100024 pot, bring it to a boil, and then let it sit.

For stained marble, a paste of baking soda and white vinegar can be effective. For washing windows, put some baking soda on a wet rag or sponge.

Baking soda also has a variety of uses in keeping your body clean too. But enough! This article is about baking soda for cleaning aroundrepparttar 100025 house.

Rosana Hart has been using baking soda in cleaning houses for years. She tells you more about cleaning houses and offices, and how to do it for a living, at her website,

Home Staging Tips

Written by InsiderPropertySecrets

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- Have some nice music playing inrepparttar background. - Hang up some nice pictures or decorative pieces. - Put onrepparttar 100014 air condition or heater sorepparttar 100015 home is comfortable, even ifrepparttar 100016 home is vacant. - Inrepparttar 100017 kitchen clear out any dishes. - Clean work tops and remove appliances. Place as much away or in storage. - Have a bowl of fresh fruit or freshly baked bread to give that homely feeling. - Clear out any leaves, sticks garbage and clutter aroundrepparttar 100018 exterior. - Sweep patios, decking, pathways etc. - Remove traces of pets such as hair, droppings & smells.

Use this checklist so you are always ready to implement these points for your property. You should be able to get your home ready for inspection withinrepparttar 100019 hour should someone want to visit.

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