Bad Web Design: Advertising Mistakes

Written by Richard Lowe

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Pornographic ads (unless your site is a pornographic site) - You want to chase away your visitors fast, then include pornographic ads. Yeah, you might get a few dollars from them, but you will lose visitors and your site will not be "family safe", which can be important.

Gambling ads - I understand that these advertisements may berepparttar only things (besides pornography) that people will click on nowadays, but quite a few people do not want to be exposed to these things. I believe that these kinds of advertisements will cause you to loose a large amount of traffic.

Web sites that are just advertisements - I suppose there is a place for brochures or full site advertisements, but I personally hitrepparttar 134652 back key as soon as I run into one of these. I want content. If I wanted this many advertisements I'd buy a magazine or look inrepparttar 134653 classified section ofrepparttar 134654 newspaper.

Any large graphic advertisements. Remember one ofrepparttar 134655 very important things in web design is load time. Your site must load fast. If you include large graphic ads you are increase your load times.

Sites which are just lists of pay-surf, MLM or other money making schemes. There is nothing wrong with include some pay-surf or MLM ads here and there on your site. Including a section on these programs is also fine. But come on, please put some real content there also. Otherwise people will hitrepparttar 134656 back key fast and never come back.

Brochures - I've seen a large number of web sites in my days, and one ofrepparttar 134657 ones that I click out ofrepparttar 134658 fastest is one that looks like a brochure. It feels just like someone tookrepparttar 134659 company brochure and converted it to web format. What on earth makes companies think these are of value to anyone?

Popup Windows - If you do a survey of web surfers, you will find that these are amongrepparttar 134660 most hated "features" that exist. No one likes pop up windows, and if your site has too many of them you will loose visitors fast. Oh, you may get a few more clicks or signups for your newsletter, butrepparttar 134661 amount of time your visitors remain on your site will be limited and of less quality.

900 Numbers - Sites which advertise 900 numbers (a) don't work, and (b) clutter uprepparttar 134662 web needlessly. My advice is to find something better to do.

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Good Web Design: Create A Custom 404 Error Page

Written by Richard Lowe

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Another useful thing that you can do is call a special CGI routine atrepparttar timerepparttar 134651 error occurs. How do you do this? Instead of modifyingrepparttar 134652 .htaccess file to reference an HTML document, make it reference a CGI routine directly (perhaps withrepparttar 134653 error code as a parameter). This routine can send an email to you (and perhaps even page you) when an error occurs. This allows you to quickly handle any errors on your web site.

Don't get too stressed out about 404 errors. Remember that no matter how well you keep up your site they will occur occasionally. Even if every single link inside your site is perfect, other people will type or coderepparttar 134654 incorrect URLs, thus causing errors. Some search engines have bugs and reference pages incorrectly and sometimesrepparttar 134655 web server itself returns bogus errors. The best script that I have found to perform this function is Error Robot, available at

Personally, I prefer using a CGI routine to send an email whenever a 404 error occurs instead of askingrepparttar 134656 visitor to send an email. This removesrepparttar 134657 burden for quality assurance from visitors and places it upon me, where it belongs.

What can you do to prevent or correct 404 errors?

- Checkrepparttar 134658 links within your site on a regular basis. Correct any references that are broken.

- If an external link, say from an article, is incorrect, you can create a redirect page to moverepparttar 134659 visitor fromrepparttar 134660 incorrect reference torepparttar 134661 correct reference. This is generally a lot easier than attempting to getrepparttar 134662 author to correctrepparttar 134663 reference.

- Check each and every 404 error that occurs and take steps to correct them.

Additional Resources The Dreaded 404 error This article tells yourepparttar 134664 meaning ofrepparttar 134665 dreaded 404 error Htaccess file - Custom error pages You can use htaccess to define custom error pages to trap 404 and other error conditions. Check your links regularly to prevent link rot Check your links regularly to prevent link rot.

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets. This website includes over 1,000 free articles to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge. Web Site Address: Weekly newsletter: Daily Tips:

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