Bad Luck ... Or Blessing In Disguise?

Written by Reed Floren

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Don't waste your time and energy on things that can't be changed. Continuous worrying will only affect your health onrepparttar long run, and you'd be doing much more damage than what was previously done.

Set yourself free. Move onwards withrepparttar 150583 conviction of a winner.

What if we turnrepparttar 150584 tables around? What if you never ran out of good luck?

There was this man who wonrepparttar 150585 lottery. He thought he wasrepparttar 150586 luckiest person inrepparttar 150587 world. He became greedy and wasted all his money on everything he could get his hands on.

One day, he made it onrepparttar 150588 front page ofrepparttar 150589 newspaper again. But this time, it was a different story. He was killed because of his riches.

If you attain good luck, never be too secure about it either. Pray for protection and guidance. Life is so unpredictable. You just won't know what will happen next.

Live one day at a time. Sometimes we subject ourselves to unnecessary mental and emotional torture. We ask ourselves, "What if I don't get this done in time?" or "What if my family leaves me and I've got no one else to turn to?"

Work atrepparttar 150590 present moment. Do what must be done at present andrepparttar 150591 future will turn out just fine. Believe me. And believe in yourself. As Captain Planet always says: "The power is yours!"

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The Hidden Superpowers Of Your Mind

Written by Reed Floren

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The problem withrepparttar people ofrepparttar 150582 modern world is that they are too preoccupied with worries, anxieties, and negative emotions. As a result, they are adversely affecting their state of health.

White lies have become prevalent nowadays in order to easerepparttar 150583 burdens or to persuade others to do things that they thought are unattainable.

There was once a weightlifter who couldn't lift weights in excess of 300 lbs. So his coach devised a clever idea and told him thatrepparttar 150584 barbell he has to carry weighs only 300 lbs. With all his might,repparttar 150585 weightlifter managed to put it above his head. After he puts it down,repparttar 150586 coach told him that he has just lifted 350 lbs. of weight! It's all inrepparttar 150587 mind!

A famous person once said, "Whenever you think you can or you can't, you're right."

If you think you are poor, then you are; unless you properly condition your thoughts torepparttar 150588 positive mindset. I know it's hard to think rich if your environment is not conducive to such way of thinking. Use your imagination then! Visualize your house to be a mansion, your old car to be a limousine,... Well you getrepparttar 150589 picture.

There is absolutely no limit with whatrepparttar 150590 mind can achieve. But you have to combine belief, will power, and action with positive thinking in order to arrive at your intended destination.

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