Bad Credit Home Equity Loans

Written by Carrie Reeder

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Bad credit will not prevent you from applying for a home equity loan. You could even be approved for a home equity loan up to 125% of your home's value. Begin rebuilding your credit and getrepparttar extra cash you need to put you onrepparttar 147515 path to financial freedom. It is even possible for you to lowerrepparttar 147516 amount of your monthly mortgage payments with a home equity loan. You can have extra cash in your wallet each month to help you repair your credit history. A home equity loan, even if you have bad credit, can berepparttar 147517 solutionrepparttar 147518 stress and pressure that comes from past due bills and endless calls from creditors.

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The World is Not Enough - Calling for a More Ethical Approach to Personal Finance

Written by Richard Green

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Most people do not think about where their money is being invested, when they pay into a mortgage, pension or savings account, they just think aboutrepparttar return they will get on their money. This does appear to be changing however.

Following consultation with its members,repparttar 147514 Co-operative Insurance Society ( ), which has more than 20 billion of funds under management, has becomerepparttar 147515 first insurer to launch an ethical engagement policy and said it would lobby businesses at every opportunity to improve their ethical performances. The Co-op already tries to ensure ethical compliance by making new business customers fill out an Ethical Policies questionnaire, which is assessed byrepparttar 147516 bank before agreeing to provide business services. Financial comparison sites such as Moneynet are now releasing guides providing information on ethical investment ( ) covering all aspects of personal finance from bank accounts, investments and pensions to choices of domestic energy providers. Other organisations such asrepparttar 147517 Ethical Investment Research Service ( ) have been set up to provide information into companies' ethical behaviour for independent investors, fund managers and charities alike.

The world is gradually waking up torepparttar 147518 idea that responsibility needs to be taken for our actions, whether those actions are atrepparttar 147519 global, national or individual level. Lobbying of politicians andrepparttar 147520 interest that has been engendered byrepparttar 147521 Live 8, and MPH campaigns can help to make a change, but these need to be continued beyondrepparttar 147522 present media furore if we are to make a real change. An ethically responsible nation is only possible if we also make changes on our own doorstep. Until we really get our personal finance into perspective,repparttar 147523 MPH becomes just another fashion label.

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Richard works in Edinburgh for Bigmouthmedia ( ), occasionally writing for the personal finance blog Cashzilla ( ), and drinking too much coffee.

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