Backpacking In The Sleeping Bear Dunes

Written by Steve Gillman

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My down sleeping bag was a 17-ounce Western Mountaineering HighLite. It wasrepparttar first time I would use it below freezing (It hit 25 degrees fahrenheit that night). Fortunately, it wasn't too windy.

Atrepparttar 142251 edge ofrepparttar 142252 forest, behindrepparttar 142253 dunes, I set up my small tarp. I piled pine needles and dead bracken ferns under it, finishing just as it became dark. This made a warm mattress, and I slept well, listening torepparttar 142254 coyotes, and torepparttar 142255 waves pushing ice around inrepparttar 142256 lake.

Inrepparttar 142257 morning I was happy to see only a dusting of snow. My one-pound sleeping bag had been warmer than my three-pounder - and I thought that was light. I poured alcohol inrepparttar 142258 cut-off bottom of a pepsi can (my 1/2-ounce backpacking stove) and made tea. After some crackers I was soon hiking in my mostly-dry shoes, alongrepparttar 142259 Lake Michigan shoreline.

Backpacking Lessons Learned

I ended my trip that afternoon, with a hike torepparttar 142260 village of Empire, seven miles away. I was mostly satisfied. Only two problems: My tarp was too small, andrepparttar 142261 alcohol I brought wasrepparttar 142262 wrong type.

After backpacking in Michigan for years, I know it well. I know where to find dead grass and bracken ferns, for example, to make a warm mattress in a few minutes. Knowledge, obviously, can be as valuable as expensive backpacking gear.

Steve Gillman is a long-time backpacker, and advocate of ultralight backpacking. His advice and stories can be found at

Why Tiger Woods Golf Swing Technique Is So Effective

Written by Mike Pedersen

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If you have carefully watched woods and his golf swing technique, you will note that he usually allowsrepparttar club head’s momentum to extend his follow-through far around his back, thus completing a long and smooth club-head rotation.

Tiger’s golf swing technique cannot possibly be achieved by somebody who is not physically fit or somebody who does not work out regularly. In fact achieving an effective golf swing technique these days requires conditioned muscles that will enable you to perform consistently and at your best.

Gone arerepparttar 142236 days when golf was viewed as a leisure sport where players would move aroundrepparttar 142237 course in electric golf cars to avoid breaking into a sweat of any kind.

This is not to say that a good golf swing technique calls for rigorous exercising. Actually, most ofrepparttar 142238 critical golf-specific exercises involve stretches. There is alsorepparttar 142239 lifting of light weights to build specifically on strength rather than muscle.

Clearly golf-specific exercises arerepparttar 142240 only way to develop a good golf swing technique.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness experts in the country, author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Check out his new golf training site at Perform Better Golf.

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