Backing Up Your Stuff Part 5: Where Is It #1?

Written by Richard Lowe

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Desktop themes

Beginning withrepparttar "Plus" pack that was an optional add-on to Windows 95, Microsoft introducedrepparttar 132078 concept of desktop themes. These are very cool in that they allow you to change your wallpaper, sounds, icons, cursors and a host of other things using a simple text file.

Themes are very easy to create, and they have become extremely popular. There are hundreds of sites totally dedicated to them, and there are tends of thousand of individual themes available on every conceivable subject.

Normally, themes are stored inrepparttar 132079 following location:

C:Program FilesPlus!Themes

Note thatrepparttar 132080 location is stored inrepparttar 132081 system registry file (if you don't know what that is, then you probably don't need to worry about it). This allows you to modify, if you are very daring,repparttar 132082 disk and directory whererepparttar 132083 theme files are stashed.

Each theme consists of a single text file with a file type of ".theme", and a number of associated icon, graphic, cursor and sound files.

ICQ Skins

The most popular instant messaging platform is called ICQ (I-Seek-You). Someone very creative decidedrepparttar 132084 ICQ interface was very boring and created ICQ-plus. This add on allows you to changerepparttar 132085 look and feel ofrepparttar 132086 ICQ interface. Virtually everything can change -repparttar 132087 buttons, colors, graphics, fonts and text. These changes are called skins.

ICQ skins are stashed here:

C:Program FilesICQPlusSkins

Each skin is self-contained in a zip file (which can be unpacked using Winzip if you so desire)

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How Safe Is Your DATA?

Written by Simon Morris

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Ifrepparttar worst happened and you lost everything, you could just restore all of your files back onto your computer. As this may take a while, some services will provide you with a CD containing everything you have backed up, though often there is an extra charge of about $20 for this.

The second option is to use a web-based backup service. You can do this from your browser window and, as with web-based e-mail, you have access to your files from any computer with an internet connection. This kind of service will generally provide you with 10-20 MB of file space and is most often free. You can't back up quite as much using this system, but if you just need to back uprepparttar 132074 odd file or two, then this could berepparttar 132075 best option for you.

Top Tips For Backup:

- Know where your important files are located. - Keep your backup disks safe. - Keep several copies of important data. - Store disks in different locations. - Decide on a backup schedule and stick to it. - START TODAY. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry! - Replace backup disks regularly.

The following are a number of different backup services. Have a look throughrepparttar 132076 list - you should find something that works well for you. Rememberrepparttar 132077 key is in having a simple system and putting it into practice.

Repeat out loud: Backup, backup, backup!!



X Drive



Managed Storage






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