Back to Square One

Written by Terry Dashner

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I could go on to speak ofrepparttar eventual skepticism that came about when it appeared man was not going to saverepparttar 140018 world by knowledge. I could tell you about Immanuel Kant who turned skepticism upside down by denouncing John Locke’s “blank slate” theory ofrepparttar 140019 human mind. Kant saidrepparttar 140020 human mind was not passive but active in generating “causality.” This brought us back to metaphysical concepts thatrepparttar 140021 Enlightenment had worked feverishly to undermine. Kant told us that there is a world beyondrepparttar 140022 natural; therefore, metaphysical concepts such as God,repparttar 140023 soul of man, and freedom really did exist. I’m thankful that Kant brought us back torepparttar 140024 Bible, in a round about way of course. Again, he had his say.

Inrepparttar 140025 nineteenth century, order and symmetry went outrepparttar 140026 window. The age of postmodernism was dawning throughrepparttar 140027 writings of Friedrich Nietzsche—God is dead—and Michel Foucault. These guys were way out there. But we gave them their say.

Then camerepparttar 140028 twentieth century. I believe we’ve come full circle fromrepparttar 140029 power ministry inrepparttar 140030 Acts ofrepparttar 140031 Apostles torepparttar 140032 earth beingrepparttar 140033 center ofrepparttar 140034 universe duringrepparttar 140035 Middle Ages torepparttar 140036 power of human reasoning inrepparttar 140037 Age of Reason torepparttar 140038 “God is dead” ofrepparttar 140039 nineteenth century torepparttar 140040 Existentialism ofrepparttar 140041 twentieth century torepparttar 140042 present day “uncertainties” of Quantum physics. We are back to square one. What is square one?

Inrepparttar 140043 beginning God created…God is Sovereign over all. Just when we think we are pretty smart, having figured outrepparttar 140044 mysteries ofrepparttar 140045 universe, some new thing like Quantum physics comes along and destabilizesrepparttar 140046 importance of man’s role inrepparttar 140047 universe. Man is not as big as he thinks he is. As a matter of fact, it appears that Relativity,repparttar 140048 paradox of light—being waves and particles atrepparttar 140049 same time—is kicking our philosophical rear. I think it’s easier just to admit that I, a mortal man, am in utter dependence onrepparttar 140050 God ofrepparttar 140051 universe. I, a mere man, need God’s help to see me through this maze. And if He has provided redemptive help by sending me His Son, then I would be a fool to ignore Him. God, give me Jesus. And when you are finished with me on this earth, beam me up to where you are.

After all,repparttar 140052 only certainty I have in this uncertain life is Jesus. By Him all things exist.

Keeprepparttar 140053 faith. Stayrepparttar 140054 course. Jesus is coming again to straighten out our mess.

Pastor T

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK

EVP: Part Deux

Written by Gloria Young

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The right circumstances would be a house that is reputed to be haunted. It's better to not have to go looking for spirits. To know that they are already there helps a great deal. To haverepparttar right equipment would help. Make sure you have enough batteries, tapes forrepparttar 139969 recorder or a microphone is necessary. If it's a digital recorder, knowing how to use it is a must. Although this sounds like a would be surprised atrepparttar 139970 number of people buying these recorders and then not knowing how to use them or not being able to understandrepparttar 139971 directions.

Another suggestion would be to meditate. Meditation helps to clearrepparttar 139972 mind while opening uprepparttar 139973 mind torepparttar 139974 elements atrepparttar 139975 same time. I must confess that I don't think I meditate well but I have been told again and again that as long as I keep trying, I am onrepparttar 139976 right track. It is important that you continue to try.

Find a spot that you think will work and get comfortable. You can begin by asking simple answer questions. Don't expect long, drawn out explanations. You will be lucky to get simple answers. Just keep asking questions that are respectful, show courtesy and are informative. Don't ask questions that are too difficult to answer. Remember, these are people and may only be able to answer using one word.

These simple rules will enable just about any one to obtain EVP. The point to remember is to keep trying. Eventually you will succeed. The dead do want to talk with you. You need to be patient to receiverepparttar 139977 message. Also, too,repparttar 139978 dead may come to you in dreams with messages...but that's another article.

Good luck!!

Gloria Young has been a ghost hunter and paranormal investigator for over 10 years. She has dedicated her life to researching paranormal activity. She has written, "Faces of a Ghost Hunter" as well as three other books. She founded the paranormal research group, "Ghost Trackers". She has co-produced two documentaries on ghost hunting. (

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