Back to School? Avoid shortcuts that turn into detours.

Written by Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

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Janine's program was perfect for some of her classmates.

John had been teaching for ten years at a small religious college when a new president insisted that all professors become doctorally qualified. John had neither time nor motivation to embark on a rigorous research-oriented program. Anyway, he had job security in a place he liked. He just neededrepparttar fastest graduate program possible -- and he already knew how to write a dissertation.

Louise had won outstanding performance ratings with Mega Corp. After fifteen years she had seniority. Her bachelors degree and CPA certificate had taken her has far as she could go and her boss recommended an MBA - from anywhere. She, too, is a candidate for non-traditional online coursework.

Bottom Line: Try before you buy. Talk to recent graduates of any program -- and pick those who resemble you. If you're a novice inrepparttar 109404 field, donít compare yourself to a graduate with a twenty-year track record who's adding icing to his cake. You may needrepparttar 109405 cake to make your next move.

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., a former college professor and long-time student, now works with midcareer, midlife professionals who want to get on the fast track to career freedom.

How To Fail Utterly at Handling Individuals and The Public

Written by Larry Bowditch

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Indecisiveness blocks your and everyone else's power. So no one can act.

Putting your vested interests and wants ahead of those ofrepparttar client also blocks his power. Instead of being a friend, you become an instant enemy and are someone to get rid of.

Indecisiveness and vested or self-interest immediately positions you inrepparttar 109403 client's universe as an immobilizer or enemy, or worse, a saboteur. The client will immediately distrust you.

Abusers put unwanted wants into other people universes.

Enemies put unwanted wants into their opponents universes.

Mediocrities put unwanted wants into other people universes.

Most people never recognize this fact, and cannot work out why they lose so many sales. The unaware salesman, executive, or leader creates his own oppositions and objections automatically.

If you are indecisive or self-absorbed, YOU MUST FAIL. ________________________________________________________________ Contact us to make extraordinary changes in your abilities in this vital area.

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Larry Bowditch is an External Marketing Consultant with Advance Power Leadership International. For more than 20 years he has been training individuals and groups in interpersonal relationships, soft skills and human potential development.

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