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Written by VMT Singuillo

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products at great deals. These products could include replica guns and pistols of

the old cowboys, cowboy hats, leather jackets, Native American jewelries, dream

catchers, bow and arrows, and many other Native American arts and crafts.

Many US states such as Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and other

states have Indian reservations and thus western stores could be present in these


Of course, as you travelrepparttar country side ofrepparttar 151141 US, you never have to worry about

lodging, cheap hotels and cheap motels

as they can be found alongrepparttar 151142 way in many towns and cities.

Well, if you'd like to rememberrepparttar 151143 western past of our society, collect a

souvenir or two.

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San Francisco Beaches

Written by Jed Clark

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Baker Beach is located inrepparttar Presidio just south ofrepparttar 151140 San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. With its panoramic views ofrepparttar 151141 Golden Gate Bridge andrepparttar 151142 Marin Headlands, Baker Beach is a popular beach and picnic destination for San Francisco locals, especially onrepparttar 151143 weekends. Several picnic tables with barbecue pits are located torepparttar 151144 east ofrepparttar 151145 north parking lot. The beach has strong rip-tides, so swimming can be hazardous. A few fishermen may dotrepparttar 151146 shoreline. The north end ofrepparttar 151147 beach is clothing optional, so families typically stay towardrepparttar 151148 middle and south ends ofrepparttar 151149 beach.

Other beaches in San Francisco include Lands End Beach and China Beach, named forrepparttar 151150 Chinese fishermen who used to camp nearby. San Francisco Castro Beach is not really a beach at all. It's a park that has garneredrepparttar 151151 "beach" nickname because of allrepparttar 151152 Castro sun bathers that blanket its lawns.

Adding a beach to your San Francisco agenda may be a great way to slow downrepparttar 151153 frenetic pace of sightseeing and enjoy a more relaxed appreciation of San Francisco's natural beauties. Visit San Francisco Beaches for more information.

Jed Clark is a travel writer, photographer and long-time San Francisco resident. He maintains, which contains travel tips and information about San Francisco destinations, attractions and neighborhoods.

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