Baby is Coming, Are you ready?

Written by David Kunstek

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Does all this discourage you? Every parent wants to give their childrepparttar best every step ofrepparttar 122011 way. But, havingrepparttar 122012 best furniture and clothing isn't going to help baby in any way. If you really want to find some or all of these items but don't have a large budget to work with, you do have other options. The most obvious of these is to ask family and friends for hand me downs. More then likely, they will be happy to lend yourepparttar 122013 items they no longer need. Or, if someone is asking you what you need, don't be afraid to tell them what you would like to have. Also, search around garage sales and thrift shops. You can clean and repaint just about anything you find. Saving money this way will help withrepparttar 122014 ever demanding diaper fund you will have to have!

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Its Not About Who's Right

Written by Maggie Vlazny, MSW

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When you love you giverepparttar gifts of empathy andrepparttar 122010 benefit ofrepparttar 122011 doubt. You understand that your partner is probably feeling hurt beneathrepparttar 122012 anger. You try to understand and ask for help in understanding because you want to make it better.

When you are loved you receiverepparttar 122013 gifts of empathy andrepparttar 122014 benefit ofrepparttar 122015 doubt. You feel understood and appreciaterepparttar 122016 empathy and efforts of your partner.

The more you are given,repparttar 122017 more you receive. The more you receive,repparttar 122018 more you want to give.

It becomes a lot easier thanrepparttar 122019 win thing.

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