Baby Yoga and Me

Written by Lucy Curran

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The stimulation that babies receive doing yoga releases endorphins inrepparttar brain, and so they clearly glow after a session, just as we do after a turn atrepparttar 146699 gym. It was great to know he felt so cared for.

As time went on, our classes did become more adventurous. The stretches we learned started to actively include our babies (they are fabulous weights!) and we all became far less inhibited, and felt happy to move ontorepparttar 146700 more complex movements.

To calmrepparttar 146701 babies, Sue introduced music intorepparttar 146702 classes, which soothed them no end Ė in allrepparttar 146703 time Iíve been going now, I donít think weíve ever had a baby have to be taken out for crying. After Harryís bath, I often do yoga with him at home now, andrepparttar 146704 heat of my hands andrepparttar 146705 slow, rhythmic nature ofrepparttar 146706 movements send him to sleep with much greater ease than a simple cuddle and a song tape ever could. He started sleeping throughrepparttar 146707 night months before a lot of other babies that we know, and Iím in no doubt that that has sonething to do with our yoga.

Being an enthusiast now, Iíve read up onrepparttar 146708 later benefits of what baby yoga can do and Iím excited. Itís clear fromrepparttar 146709 fact he rolled early that Harry has good spatial awareness, and plenty of confidence in what his body is capable of. When we took him for his eight-month check my health visitor told me he will miss out crawling stage Ė his spine is strong, and having been made aware ofrepparttar 146710 limitations of his body through yoga, he doesnít need to go throughrepparttar 146711 exploration that crawling allows.

As well asrepparttar 146712 very evident physical benefits of baby yoga, itís also been a lifesaver for me. On maternity leave I was a bit of a lonely mum, and now I have something of a network. Size ten again and happy, there is never a morning goes by when Harry and I do not have a play date. Itís turned things around. I think ill go downrepparttar 146713 gym tomorrowÖ

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Lucy is an avid sailor and writer and has been involved in child care for many years.

Moving Your Pets

Written by Oleg Glukhov

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Travelling by air

Make your flight arrangements far in advance. Many airlines have restrictions onrepparttar total number of pets allowed onboard for any one flight and some companies do not allow pets at all. Expect to pay a $75 fee for your pets travel accommodations. While making your tickets reservation, find out any restrictions that may apply. Ask if you?ll be able to bring your pet onboard as a carry-on. This is highly preferable when compared againstrepparttar 146698 alternative of checking your pet inrepparttar 146699 planes cargo hold. It is better for you pet if you plan to fly by direct flight.

Plan to visit your veterinarian within 30 days prior to your flight. Most airlines require an up-to-date health certificate. Different countries and states may also have their own requirements, so make sure to check in withrepparttar 146700 proper authorities before your trip.

Animal Transport Services

If all else fails, you may want to consider an animal transport service. The expense may be justified byrepparttar 146701 peace of mind that your pet will be with professionals, people who make their living transporting animals. But no matter how you?re traveling, these considerations will undoubtedly help to ensure that your pet will travel in as comfortable a fashion as he or she deserves.

Glukhov Oleg

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