Baby Shower for Second Baby

Written by Randy Wilson

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Baby showers for second babies can be directed towards helping out a new mom afterrepparttar baby is born. If you holdrepparttar 149134 shower close enough torepparttar 149135 baby’s birth you can have a “Freezer Party.” This is where baby shower guests bring assorted dishes that can be frozen and heated up so mom-to-be doesn’t have to worry about cooking. At least forrepparttar 149136 first week or so that she is home fromrepparttar 149137 hospital.

“Helping Hands” are great for baby showers for second child. Ask guests not to buy gifts, coming instead with a homemade coupon redeemable for their services. These services can include babysitting an older child making dinner, or cleaningrepparttar 149138 house while mom and baby are still inrepparttar 149139 hospital.

You may even want to throw a baby shower to remindrepparttar 149140 mom-to-be that she won’t always be pregnant. Suggest buying gifts like sexy lingerie, sinful chocolates, and exotic beverages. All those things she has to keep away from while pregnant. Keep in mind that if you give alcoholic beverages to a nursing mother make sure she also has a breast pump and knows how to use it!

A gift certificate for a massage, dinner, or even a pre-natal class is a great idea as well. And don’t forget that mom-to-be will probably need nursing bras plus post-natal support garments as well (these might be fun as gag gifts).

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How My Four Your Old Son Reacted To The Death Of His Great Nanny "Biscuits".

Written by Stephen Hill

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We were all very upset, however my son did not seem to fully understand that he would not be able to see her again.

This was what he said: "Why can't I see her, where has she gone?" "She has died and she has gone to heaven" "Can we go to heaven on holiday?" "No, that's not possible, it is a long way away." "We could go on a plane" "Sorry son, it is too far for a plane to get to" "Well how did nanny get there?" I am not sure why I gaverepparttar next answer: "On a heaven bike" "Can I get a heaven bike for Christmas dad?" "No son" "So what is like in heaven dad?" "Oh, it is an amazing place with lots of sweets and lots of fun things to do" "I can not wait until I get to heaven, I am going to take lots of money with me." "Why?" "So that I can buy lots of sweets, of course".

This conversation made me smile again, at what was a very sad time in my life.

Stephen Hill


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