Baby Shower Guide - 10 easy steps

Written by Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

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The baby shower is normally around six weeks beforerepparttar due date ofrepparttar 110007 baby's birth. However, some mothers are electing to haverepparttar 110008 party afterrepparttar 110009 baby is born. Showers are held on weekends and duringrepparttar 110010 week. Try to makerepparttar 110011 time and day convenient for everyone including any out-of-town guests.

8. Selectingrepparttar 110012 time

If most ofrepparttar 110013 guests attendingrepparttar 110014 shower work, then an evening or weekend shower will work best. Consider a weeknight for a change of pace if everyone lives near each other. If you choose a weekend date, plan your shower early enough inrepparttar 110015 day for all who must travel to attend. Be sure to keep in mindrepparttar 110016 Mother's schedule (naps, doctors appointments, etc.).

9. Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations can range fromrepparttar 110017 casual (a phone call) torepparttar 110018 most formal (printed invitations). You decide what will work for your shower. Be sure to include all necessary contact information. Consider also including your email if you check it every day.

10. Entertainment

As guests arrive, introduce them to one another. As a unique conversational item, ask your guests to wear a small photo of their child on their shirt. Who doesn't love to brag about their child?!? Another way to breakrepparttar 110019 ice is to provide name tags with a small note, such as, "I attended grammar school with Susie." This is a sure way to start conversations. Make sure to offer your guests liquid refreshments and whatever else you have provided. Printable baby shower games are a blast!  Setrepparttar 110020 mood with lighted candles, flowers, and baby shower decorations. You want your guests to enjoyrepparttar 110021 day (or evening) as much asrepparttar 110022 guest of honor.

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Romance on a Budget - Love Is Patient, Kind, and Cheap!

Written by Nicole Dean

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Volunteer - Choose a charity or cause that means something to both of you and work together to makerepparttar world a better place.

Love Story - Write how you met, fell in love, how you felt, what your thoughts were. You will treasure looking through these books overrepparttar 110006 years.

Love Grows - Plant a garden together. Herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruit -- anything you both like.

Cheer - Go to a High School Sporting Event.

Warm Hearts - Snuggle by a campfire or build a fire inrepparttar 110007 fireplace.

Watchrepparttar 110008 Clouds - Lay together and watchrepparttar 110009 clouds go by. Talk aboutrepparttar 110010 different shapes you see.

Connect - Hug, Hold Hands, Put your Arm around your Sweetheart.

Big Money - Write your Sweetheart a Check for One Million Kisses. Or make a coupon book of treats for him or her.

Window Shop - Go downtown and window shop.

Early Days - Look at photo albums of yourselves when you were kids through your dating years.

Puzzles - Do a jigsaw or crossword puzzle together.

Wish List - Both make a wish list of things that make you happy and put them in order. Hugs, dates, gifts, time together, intimacy, etc. Then look atrepparttar 110011 lists. They may surprise you.

People Watch - Sit on a bench and watch people go by. Try to guess their stories.

Play - Go torepparttar 110012 park and swing.

Kiss - Before you part forrepparttar 110013 day, kiss for 10 seconds. It is much better than a quick peck onrepparttar 110014 cheek.

Picnic - Get take out food or make a picnic lunch. Take your time and enjoy your meal together outdoors.

Throw Rocks - Go to a pond, creek, or lake and throw rocks. Try to skip them or aim for different targets.

So, although an occasional expensive dinner is nice, it is trulyrepparttar 110015 day-to-day affection that builds romance and love. Yes, Love is Patient, Kind -- and Cheap!

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