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Written by Randy Wilson

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Co-Sleeper: Co-sleeper is another baby furniture gift registry item which isrepparttar favorite of every mother. It allows mothers to holdrepparttar 145239 baby close to them when sleeping, or feeding them. They are built in such a way thatrepparttar 145240 baby is at close proximity to them and there is a small partition which joins mama-papa’s bed withrepparttar 145241 baby’s bed.

Night stands: Night stands arerepparttar 145242 baby’s shelf. Here you can put all your baby’s daily products like clothes, bottles and diapers. When choosing a night stand or a baby dresser fromrepparttar 145243 baby gift registry, make sure thatrepparttar 145244 color ofrepparttar 145245 night stand intermingles withrepparttar 145246 color ofrepparttar 145247 room and is also close to its bed and changing table.

Baby crib: This is one ofrepparttar 145248 best buys inrepparttar 145249 baby furniture gift registry. Sincerepparttar 145250 baby crib is an ideal bed forrepparttar 145251 baby to sleep comfortably till it is about 2 yrs old, you have to see thatrepparttar 145252 crib which you choose isrepparttar 145253 best one for your baby. The crib has to be strong and durable, from a reputed company. It should be free from rough edges or unnecessary protrusions. The cribs could be standard ones with single or double sided openings, or ones which look cradles (having a rocking motion to put it to sleep comfortably). The cribs which are onrepparttar 145254 expensive sides arerepparttar 145255 convertible ones and theme oriented metal built canopy cribs, with beautiful fabric. For example, you could have a canopy crib which could look like a baby princess bed.

So while choosing baby furniture fromrepparttar 145256 baby gift registry, chooserepparttar 145257 one which is safe, secure and easy onrepparttar 145258 baby.

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Beyond flash card : how to do the infant visual stimulation in fun and creative ways.

Written by Dian Dewi

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But wait, research has also shown that newborn can only focus their eyes on objects between 8-12 inches away from them. Therefore, try to stay within that boundary when you interact with your baby.

Beyond newborn.

Around 2 months, your baby will be able to move from highly contrasting colors to bright bold colors. Your baby will also enjoy faces and is ready to see a moving object in addition torepparttar stationary one.

Here are some activities to try:

- Activity withrepparttar 145238 play gym or baby mobiles: place your baby on her back and putrepparttar 145239 play gym or baby mobile on her. Moverepparttar 145240 toys like a pendulum. - Activity with rattle or other objects: moverepparttar 145241 baby rattle from left to right, or up and down. - Mirror: show your baby her face. Enhance this activity by pointing her facial features and talk about them.

When your baby’s around 5 months, train your baby’s eyes to focus even more.

These following exercises will assist your baby to develop concentration and enhancerepparttar 145242 curiousity . - Playrepparttar 145243 peekaboo with your baby. - Play with a yo yo and encourage your baby to seerepparttar 145244 yo yo movement. - Dribble or throw a ball. Encourage your baby to followrepparttar 145245 ball's movement. . - Follow-a-spool activity: roll a spool of thread towards your baby and then move it torepparttar 145246 opposite direction (i.e. farther from her). Let your baby's eyes followrepparttar 145247 movement. - Put a little ball or marble inside a big bowl. Tiltrepparttar 145248 bowl and move it around, so thatrepparttar 145249 ball moves aroundrepparttar 145250 bowl. Show this to your baby and let your baby's eyes followrepparttar 145251 movement. - Play a simple hide and seek game with your baby.

If your baby has been properly visually stimulated, by 8 months, your baby should have completed her visual development and has a good vision.

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