BREAKING UP. Rights and obligations with prenuptial agreement.

Written by Jeffrey Broobin

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If you have no one to hold responsible, just be honest. Tell your future spouse that you intend to be open, fair, and honest, andrepparttar fact that you will be revealing all your assets is a sign of trust. Assure your intended that he or she will be protected duringrepparttar 119278 negotiation procedure and inrepparttar 119279 prenuptial agreement, and stress thatrepparttar 119280 document is something you feel is necessary and wise before you get married. The most important thing is to discuss it earlier instead of later, so thatrepparttar 119281 degree of pressure beforerepparttar 119282 wedding is mitigated.

Couples do not usually break engagements because of disputes over prenuptial agreements. In almost every instance,repparttar 119283 agreement is signed andrepparttar 119284 parties are married. It is also completely appropriate to state that you will not get married without a prenuptial agreement; case law has indicated that this will not invalidate an agreement if made beforerepparttar 119285 wedding.

The best way to avoid charges of duress or coercion is to tell your future spouse early on that you wantrepparttar 119286 prenuptial agreement. Sometimes, such documents are signed shortly beforerepparttar 119287 wedding, but have beenrepparttar 119288 subject of negotiation for months. A well-drafted agreement will reciterepparttar 119289 fact that, even though it was signed shortly before or onrepparttar 119290 wedding date, negotiations began much earlier. It is for clauses like this that you consult experts.

Eventually, a prenuptial agreement will be fashioned so that you and your future spouse both accept it. The terms may not be what you initially envisioned and may not be what your intended would want. But that isrepparttar 119291 nature of compromise.

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Protect Your Job & Wages

Written by Susan Chana Lask, Esq.

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For instance, in New Yorkrepparttar Labor Law mandates proper notice of employee termination and benefits termination. An employer failing to followrepparttar 119277 Labor Laws is penalized under Labor Law 198, in addition to ordinary costs lost byrepparttar 119278 employee he must pay a reasonable sum for expenses which may be taxed as costs are allowed byrepparttar 119279 court. Furthermore, in any action instituted upon a wage claim by an employee whichrepparttar 119280 employee prevails,repparttar 119281 court is required to allow such employee reasonable attorneys' fees, Labor Law 198(1-a), and upon finding thatrepparttar 119282 employer's failure to payrepparttar 119283 wage specified by statute was willful, an additional amount as liquidated damages equal to twenty-five percent ofrepparttar 119284 total amount of wages due is also paid torepparttar 119285 employee. Labor Law 198(1-a). Case law holds an award of liquidated damages to employees proper whererepparttar 119286 employer knowingly, deliberately and voluntarily disregarded its obligation underrepparttar 119287 Labor Law to payrepparttar 119288 employees' commissions, which would be deemed "willful" failure to pay wages. P & L Group, Inc. v Garfinkel (1989, 2d Dept) 150 AD2d 663, 541 NYS2d 535.

So, don't despair if your employer gives you a hard time when your fired--there are laws requiring him to pay your wages and your Employee Handbook and Offer of Employment Letter also can be used as valid contracts to support your position for wages.

This article is certainly not all inclusive and is intended only as a brief explanation ofrepparttar 119289 legal issue presented. Not all cases are alike and it is strongly recommended that you consult an attorney if you have any questions with respect to any legal matters.

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