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You can also incorporate a similar system into newsletter sign ups. All referrers can be entitled to an entry for every new subscriber and so.

Tracking can be as simple as writing down a persons email address or going all out and installing a custom tracking system. I use a mixture of both. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

A random contest run through your newsletter subscriber base will greatly improve word of mouth advertising for you. People love to win things and winning by surprise is a double bang! Just think ofrepparttar referrals you will get if you pulled a winner out ofrepparttar 125217 blue with no notice!

I hope this gave you a few ideas, feel free to email me any time.

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Writing a Powerful E-mail Press Release

Written by John Karnish

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When thinking of ideas for a release, one good way of getting noticed is by tying yourself in with recent news stories. Another idea is just to make a bold claim, "that you can live up to." You'll find that lots of people will give you publicity, to try to prove you wrong. For example "New York stock broker say he can make anyone a millionaire." Just remember that you should be able to stand behind your claims.

Format of a Press Release

"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" should be written in top, left corner. If your information needs to be printed on or before a certain date, you would write something like: "FOR RELEASE AFTER MARCH 27" or "FOR RELEASE BEFORE CHRISTMAS." These would also go inrepparttar upper, left-hand corner.

Skip two lines and type "CONTACT:" Then list your contact information. Skip two lines and type your headline. Make sure your spend some time here because this is what will determine if your release gets read or shred. (=

The first paragraph begins withrepparttar 125216 dateline. Here's an example: (New York, NY - October 9, 2000) - Then. skip a space afterrepparttar 125217 dash and write your first sentence. The first paragraph of your release should be a few sentences that concisely summarizerepparttar 125218 content without much specific detail. Remember to answerrepparttar 125219 basic questions who, what, where, when, why and how. Pay special attention torepparttar 125220 first paragraph because it's here that you have to convince repparttar 125221 editor that your release is worth reading and printing. Be sure to make this clear. Why should her readers be interested? How will it affect their life? What arerepparttar 125222 benefits?

The second paragraph, you want to go into a little more detail and add some quotes. Remember to establish yourself as an expert. Don't say "Tom Jones says," say "Tom Jones, webmaster for and prominent author says..."

Inrepparttar 125223 third paragraph, you want to persuade repparttar 125224 editor to seek more information. You can have them visit your web site or a pre-made webpage, send a message to an autoresponder, call you etc. Atrepparttar 125225 end of your press release, you want to skip a space and end with three, centered number signs. "###"

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