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Written by David McCormick

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In some cultures, even in America, being overweight is a status symbol. Having a big belly tells everyone that you make so much money that you can afford lots of food. It also says that you don't do manual labour or work with your muscles because your brain is all you need for your job. I think in most cultures this image is going away, becauserepparttar muscular superhero look that I'm helping you attain shows just as much success in a different way.


If your BMI is over 30, you are considered obese. This isrepparttar 151058 category that is most associated with hightened risk for all sorts of diseases. Risk is not a guarantee, you might live to be 90, butrepparttar 151059 chances are slim.

I won't go into all ofrepparttar 151060 health problems you are exposing yourself to, because I've written another article about that. Read all about Obesity Statistics and Dangers at

I don't think anything more needs to be said. If you are obese, you need to start losing weight right now to reduce your risks. Would you rather be dead? I don't like scaring people, but I am scared for you.

BMI Alone is Not Enough

One important fact to consider is that BMI is based only on height and weight. Therefore, BMI is notrepparttar 151061 best measure of your health. It is attractive because it's fast and easy to calculate, not because it is perfect. If you have been lifting weights and have a lot of muscle, your BMI may say you are overweight even though you have little health risk. That is because your big muscles increase your weight, not body fat.

To get a truly accurate picture of your health risks, you can try one or more ofrepparttar 151062 following other indicators.

Percentage bodyfat isrepparttar 151063 best measure. You cannot do this yourself without special equipment. A doctor or nutritionist must do one of three tests: 1) use skin calipers to measure "skin fold" at four or six points on your body, or 2) submerge you in water to calculate your volume, or 3) use a device that measures BIA (bioelectrical impedence analysis) by running a small electrical charge through your body.

Generally, men should have less than 18% body fat, and women less than 23%.

Another good indicator of health risk related to weight is waist-hip ratio. Stand with stomach relaxed and measurerepparttar 151064 narrowest part of your waist, and divide that number byrepparttar 151065 measurement atrepparttar 151066 widest point of your hips/buttocks. For women, this number should be less than 0.8, for men it should be less than 0.95. If your ratio is higher, then you carry excess fat aroundrepparttar 151067 waist, which carries a higher health risk. However, this only really applies if your BMI is already over 25.

If your BMI is over 25, it is time to take action to improve your health. If your BMI is over 30, you are already at risk for many diseases. Start one of our programs today, it's FREE.

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Weight Loss Efficiency Ė 10 ways to make the most out of your gym workout!

Written by Greg Ryan- Fitness Expert

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4.Monitor your heart rate EVERY time you exercise your heart. 5.Never be afraid to ask for help. 6.Do not waste much time between exercises. 7.Focus onrepparttar benefits and how you will feel afterwards rather thanrepparttar 151057 discomfort during your workout. 8.Realize you will not be at your best each and every time. 9.Learn to listen to your body more than your mind. 10.Journal, journal, and journal.

Now let me give you my magic secret to being successful in losing weight, gaining muscle, or just general fitness: consistency + variety + efficiency = results allrepparttar 151058 time! Each day you workout out, remember; itís aboutrepparttar 151059 big picture. Itís about sticking to it forrepparttar 151060 long haul. Itís about being sold out!

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