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Those who are looking for Blue Cross healthcare coverage can also contact Pitman Insurance ( Steve Pitman is a Blue Cross licensed insurance agent who specializes in healthcare coverage in Orange County and surrounding California.

Blue Cross of California and its Foundation are independent licensees ofrepparttar Blue Cross Association. Blue Cross of California Foundation focuses on initiatives that make health care more accessible and affordable, improve quality of care, shaperepparttar 146523 development of health-related public policy and help `identify best practices in medicine. The Foundation invests in social programs and partners with non-profit public charities whose objectives closely align with Blue Cross of California’s health care priorities. Blue Cross of California Foundation was formed by Blue Cross of California, a health benefits company that has been servingrepparttar 146524 health care needs of Californians since 1937. If you are interested in getting health insurance coverage visit for more information.

Pitman Insurance is a family owned insurance agency operating in south Orange County, California since 1988 selling individual and small group health insurance. We are prepared to quickly quote every carrier available to a resident of California. We pride ourselves in securing quality health insurance for every client.

Omega 3's... Fish Oil, and DHA...

Written by Warren Matthews

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Some suppliers of fish oil claim that it does not matter thatrepparttar EPA is higher thanrepparttar 146522 DPA becauserepparttar 146523 body will convert part ofrepparttar 146524 EPA to DPA. This is indeed true but likerepparttar 146525 conversion of ALA to DHArepparttar 146526 percentage of conversion is very low. This is due in part torepparttar 146527 high consumption of Omega 6 inrepparttar 146528 typical Western diet. Enzymes needed forrepparttar 146529 conversion are in 'short supply' inrepparttar 146530 bodies of those people who have a reasonably high level of Omega 6 intake (via vegetable oils). This is becauserepparttar 146531 enzymes needed are 'used up' in having to deal withrepparttar 146532 processing of Omega 6 oils. As a result,repparttar 146533 conversion in most people is quite negligible which further supports ingestingrepparttar 146534 DHA directly. Important Point # 5

As I indicated earlier most fish oils are inrepparttar 146535 triglyceride forms. A triglyceride consists of 3 fatty acids attached to a glycerol backbone. It does not pass easily throughrepparttar 146536 cell membrane as it is changed. It also requires two enzyme steps to 'release' its fatty acids.

Sometimes because ofrepparttar 146537 structure ofrepparttar 146538 triglyceridesrepparttar 146539 fatty acids are not released but rather stay attached torepparttar 146540 glycerol backbone. In contrast, ifrepparttar 146541 oil is esterified duringrepparttar 146542 concentration and purification processesrepparttar 146543 resulting substance can easily enterrepparttar 146544 body's cell membranes. The esterified molecule has no charge and only requires one enterase enzyme to releaserepparttar 146545 fatty acid. (DHA). This enablesrepparttar 146546 body to use it as an immediate energy source, or store it for later use. In Summary:

To receiverepparttar 146547 many benefits of DHA you have to consider ensuring that you do as follows: 1. Find a source of fish oil that is high in DHA or alternatively be prepared to take much higher doses of conventional fish oil. 2. Ensure thatrepparttar 146548 fish oil you use is molecularly distilled. 3. Try to findrepparttar 146549 oil inrepparttar 146550 Ester form for better bio-availability. In conclusion, try to find a quality fish oil supplement that meets these three criteria and your benefits will far outweighrepparttar 146551 cost.

Warren Matthews is the Chairman of Xtend Life Natural Products, the manufacturer of a pure molecularly distilled fish oil ester with NO CONTAMINANTS and with exceptionally high levels of DHA!

XTEND-LIFE’s 'Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil Esters' is available at …

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