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EEK! A Mouse on My Desk? A Wizard in My Window! What is this STUFF?

Written by Janet L. Hall

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E-Mail-Electronic messages sent overrepparttar Internet or a network. Favorite-Link to a favorite Web page you have savedrepparttar 117701 address to. Think of this as a shortcut to pages you like to visit often but donít want to remember or typerepparttar 117702 address in each time you want to visit. HTML-Hypertext Markup Language is a language used to create Web pages. Sometimes referred to as HTML Code. Home Page-Introductory or *main * page of a Web site. Icon-Picture representing a program, or other items, such asrepparttar 117703 icon on your desktop of MY Computer. Internet-Worldwide network of computers Internet Service Provider (ISP)-Company that provides you with Internet access using your modem or other * connecting *device, such as DSL. Link-Text, usually blue, or a picture you can click on to go (move or jump) from one location to another. Log On-Identifying yourself to gain access to a computer or a Web site, usually requiring you to type in your user name and a password. Menu-List of commands or options that appear atrepparttar 117704 top of most windows. Menu bar-Bar at top of screen that contains command buttons File, Edit, View, etc. Modem-Hardware to transmit data from one computer to another using a phone line. Mouse-Hardware Mouse Pointer-Sometimes referred to as Pointer. An icon, usually an arrow that appears on your screen and is controlled byrepparttar 117705 mouse. Move your pointer to click on a menu, link, icon, etc. Network-Two or more connected computers that are used to share resources. Reboot-To restart your computer without shutting down completely. Right-Click-The right button on a mouse when clicked will display a shortcut menu. Search Engine-Tool that searchesrepparttar 117706 Web for information you are looking for. Shortcut-Icon that links to a file, folder, or program. Shut Down-Command that lets your computer know you are about to turn it off. Taskbar-Tool to navigate and open programs. Usually located atrepparttar 117707 bottom of your screen. Containsrepparttar 117708 Start button and other icons. Toolbar-Set of buttons you can click on to perform tasks. Universal Serial Bus-USB. Hardware for external device connections. URL (Uniform Resource Locator)-address, usually starts with http:// Window-Portion of screen that displays what you are looking at or what you have open. Wizard-Tool or instructions that will walk you through a task. World Wide Web (Web)-Graphical multimedia portion ofrepparttar 117709 Internet.

I couldnít possibly list all computer definitions in this article but I hope this small list will help you understand some ofrepparttar 117710 terms and abbreviations that are second nature to some of us. (that means grin! But thatís another lesson).

They are many places onrepparttar 117711 Internet where you can find computer dictionaries but donít forget you can click on Help atrepparttar 117712 top of your screen and click on Index and type in a definition or term you are looking for.

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Janet L. Hall is a Professional Organizer, Speaker, and Author. She is the owner of OverHall Consulting, and Organizing By Phone. Subscribe to her FREE organizing newsletter at or visit her web site at

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