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Every year I prune and trim those hanging vines I believe my grapes could make some fine wines Some of my grapes are large as a golf ball Juicy and sweet, they're mighty fine I'm telling y'all

The Lord has said you can't pick grapes from thorns The beautiful grape arbor on my little farm adorns You can tell a tree byrepparttar fruit it makes My grape vines produce real fruit not fakes

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Care of Slipper Orchids

Written by Bob Roy

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Those paphs which have green leaves are usuallyrepparttar cool climate ones, whilst those with mottled leaves are warm growing ones.

As most orchids, slipper orchids require humidity between 40 - 60%, remember they usually grow onrepparttar 140969 rain forest floor. This may need to be augmented by using humidity trays. You can get a flat tray with sides. Fillrepparttar 140970 tray with stone pebbles and then add water about half way up. Placerepparttar 140971 plant onrepparttar 140972 tray making sure thatrepparttar 140973 slipper orchid roots are not touchingrepparttar 140974 water. If it does there is a good chance for root rot.

Because they grow in shade onrepparttar 140975 forest floor they should not be left in sunlight for very long. They do prefer shade, under a tree or near an east window. This is one ofrepparttar 140976 nice elements of slipper orchid care.

Fertilizer is needed and I recommend 1/4 strength given on a weekly basis. The fertilizer should be high in nitrogen so one with30-10-10 ratio is best. Monthly rinserepparttar 140977 slipper orchids with water alone to preventrepparttar 140978 fertilizer from building up onrepparttar 140979 root and potentially burning them.

One final point on slipper orchid care, you should re-pot infrequently, that is, about every second year is fine. You should use a mixture which has an excellent moisture retention like fir bark with perlite and some sphagnum moss.

Following these rather straight forward rules will give you years of enjoyment with you slipper orchid.

See our beautful paphs,

now that you feel more comfortable with slipper orchid care, treat yourself.

Bob's website is devoted to orchid plants. There is a great deal of information on the website,, as well as a large selection of stunning orchids.

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