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BIG Squid RFID uses an integrated microchip and antenna that reads information. The combination ofrepparttar chip and antenna is called an RFID tag. There are two types of tags, and therefore two types of systems, active and passive. In passive systems, which arerepparttar 138431 most common, an RFID reader transmits an energy field that "wakes up"repparttar 138432 tag and providesrepparttar 138433 power forrepparttar 138434 tag to operate. In active systems, a battery inrepparttar 138435 tag is used to boostrepparttar 138436 effective operating range ofrepparttar 138437 tag and to offer additional features over passive tags, such as temperature sensing. The radio waves that are sent back and forth between tag and transmitter containrepparttar 138438 data inrepparttar 138439 tag, and this data is then converted byrepparttar 138440 reader and transferred into a computer system.

Companies are focusing on passive UHF tags, which costs less than 50 cents today in volumes of 1 million tags or more. Their read range isn't as far -- typically less than 20 feet vs. 100 feet or more for active tags -- but they are far less expensive than active tags and can be disposed of withrepparttar 138441 product packaging. (More info

The Key Components to an RFID System are a number of components including tags of different sizes cateringrepparttar 138442 different industrial needs, RFID readers and system software.

An RFID reader, usually connected to a Personal Computer, servesrepparttar 138443 same purpose as a barcode scanner. It can also be battery-powered to allow mobile transactions with RFID tags. The RFID reader handlesrepparttar 138444 communication betweenrepparttar 138445 Information System andrepparttar 138446 RFID tag.

The BIGSquid RFID Software collects, permutes and storesrepparttar 138447 data collected fromrepparttar 138448 tag in a back end like MySQL, SQL Server etc. This is usually similar to any other data collection software.

Company Profile

In Brief BIGSquid RFID is a technology company exclusively into Radio Frequency Identification Solutions. Our aim is to bring out high end RFID products that will helprepparttar 138449 business needs of various segments.

Our Team consists of experienced people fromrepparttar 138450 industry with several years of R & D expertise inrepparttar 138451 field. To know more about our team write to

Team lead Satheesh G Nair has over 14 years of engineering management experience in networking systems, computer systems and applications. He has been working on middleware technologies right from 1994. This exposure and understanding isrepparttar 138452 basis on which BIGSquid is built.

Satheesh is alsorepparttar 138453 Co - founder of TrueBlue Technologies, where he built a enterprise mobile application technology company from scratch and managedrepparttar 138454 entire development process from product conceptualization to first customer ship. Products developed here are in commercial service in service provider networks aroundrepparttar 138455 globe. His background in building intelligent networking was particularly relevant to TrueBlue's future proof architectural model for next-generation mobile service and application delivery services model.

Prior to founding TrueBlue, Satheesh led a number of engineering development teams. These includedrepparttar 138456 systems team for GISTROLON AG (a 51:49 Joint venture between ROMAG AG and SWISSTELECOM) in Switzerland andrepparttar 138457 innovative intelligent network management system for ECHELON'S LON based networks at Swiss telecom named Lontree. Satheesh holds Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Technology from University of Bangalore.

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3 Simple Steps to Stay Safe from Spyware

Written by Erich Bihlman

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The third step involves your web browsing habits. It means you must never click on an activex screen that asks you if you want to allow an innocuous looking toolbar, or "surfing aid"be installed. By clicking "allow" you are effectively giving these perfidious spyware authors free reign over your system and personal information. If possible you should surf withrepparttar security settings on "maximum" for safest surfing.

In summary, it's important to avoid spyware for your computer and personal identity health. To do so, use free tools available to you and be mindful of your computer settings and surfrepparttar 138333 Internet responsibly. Following these easy steps will ensure a safe and spyware free existence for you and your computer!

Erich Bihlman is a technology pro specializing in PC/Internet Tutoring and website design services in Prescott, Arizona. Erich has owned and operated since 1997.

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