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How it WORKS?

BE A MILLIONAIRE PROGRAM ISrepparttar 150213 originators ofrepparttar 150214 BAM Business Model, usesrepparttar 150215 $10 membership fee to pay $1 for each ofrepparttar 150216 7 ascendants ofrepparttar 150217 member and remaining $2 as Service Charge for managing your account & $1 is their benefit. Great, aint it? They are honest. They'll never cheat with you because Their honesty promote to involve more members to this program & they will be more benefited.

Use my BAM-ID as referrence: MA001

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Web Analytics - Getting it Right

Written by WG Moore

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Poor Return On Investment

Probablyrepparttar most difficult challenge faced by internet marketers is controlling costs. Traffic acquisition can be an expensive proposition, so it is important to getrepparttar 150114 most out of every click.

The best marketing reports reveal whererepparttar 150115 money comes from, whorepparttar 150116 money comes from, and what marketers can do to improve revenues. Marketers can use this information to increase advertisements on sites that reachrepparttar 150117 most interested parties, provide a better selection of products for different types of visitors, or offer better service to their most valuable visitors.

The marketing reports should show sales grouped by campaign or affiliate. At a minimum, they should show units of sales by product and product options, and preferably revenue.

Compare advertising costs with revenues to identifyrepparttar 150118 most profitable campaigns. Oftenrepparttar 150119 marketer will find that one campaign may bring in more visitors, but conversion is low, whereas another might bring in fewer, but more qualified visitors who purchase more.

The use of A/B testing to increase pulling power of ads is vital to keeping ad costs down and attracting qualified visitors. Here,repparttar 150120 marketer will find it easy to measure changes and evaluate overall performance. Instead of taking months to identify and understandrepparttar 150121 effect of a change, it will often show in hours or a few days. This agility means that even smaller e-commerce sites can succeed on limited budgets.

Path Analysis / Clickstream Analysis – Understanding visitors

Not really a problem, but vital to keeping a healthy web business running smoothly. The marketer is also able to identify new trends and opportunities by evaluatingrepparttar 150122 visitors’ interest in various content available onrepparttar 150123 site.

The ideal path throughrepparttar 150124 site should go fromrepparttar 150125 landing page torepparttar 150126 products page torepparttar 150127 orders page, from there torepparttar 150128 checkout and finally to a ‘Thank You’ page.

Deviations might include paths to tutorials, articles and other information pages, but these should be kept to a minimum and always lead back torepparttar 150129 main path.

Again,repparttar 150130 marketer can select a particular visitor, buyer or drop-out and then drill down torepparttar 150131 detail page to reveal every page visited and path taken, as well asrepparttar 150132 amount of time spent viewing each page. Knowing how long it takes to actually readrepparttar 150133 page will revealrepparttar 150134 amount of interest inrepparttar 150135 subject matter. Combining this information with keyword searches will reveal how appropriaterepparttar 150136 content of each page is torepparttar 150137 visitor’s interests. In Summary

The value ofrepparttar 150138 analysis far exceedsrepparttar 150139 nominal cost ofrepparttar 150140 web analytics service. Indeed, it may spellrepparttar 150141 difference between success and failure. Good web analytics packages can be hard to find, but need not be expensive. Increasingly, more and more comprehensive reports are available at better prices. To be effective,repparttar 150142 marketer must understand what to look for and how to applyrepparttar 150143 knowledge revealed byrepparttar 150144 analysis. The learning curve is not steep, andrepparttar 150145 rewards can be significant.


WG Moore is a web analytics specialist with over 20 years of hardware, software and web development experience. Visit for more articles and information on web analytics. You may contact him at

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