BEYOND EBOOKS - 10 Powerful Alternative Infoproduct Formats Part 1 of 2

Written by Jeff Smith

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We have just started to see use of electronic courses onrepparttar internet. Many are still offered for free to draw prospects to product sites or for online branding purposes. However, there is no reason why a detailed 6 or 7-part e-course could not be sold for $20-$30 - similar content to an eBook, but delivered in parts right torepparttar 117517 inbox of your customers.

4. Teleseminar

30-minute to 2-hour, or in some cases longer, seminars that you charge to provide customers your knowledge on particular topics. Range in price from free to several hundred dollars. Teleseminars haverepparttar 117518 added option of recordingrepparttar 117519 session, providing you with an audio product you can market. Often you can get 30-40 or more subscribers to pay $20-$40 each forrepparttar 117520 telesminar, then charge something similar forrepparttar 117521 audio product to a much wider market later on.

5. Audio Version of your eBook

Many people now have tons of eBooks on their computers that they have not, and probably will not ever look at. Given our busy lifestyles, recording your information into your PC or recording device and converting it to .wav, real audio or mp3 format give your customersrepparttar 117522 ability to take your information with them "onrepparttar 117523 run" Often you will get from 25% to 50% more for an audio version of your product over an eBook.

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BEYOND EBOOKS - 10 Powerful Alternative Infoproduct Formats Part 2 of 2

Written by Jeff Smith

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9. Seminars

Your topic may lend itself to conducting bi-weekly or monthly seminars to local audiences. Perhaps you have tips on how to purchase a new home - you could run tareted ads or partner with builders in your area to run a bi-weekly seminar in a rented room. Maybe you were a manager of customer service inrepparttar travel industry - you could develop a seminar on top-rated customer support tips forrepparttar 117516 travel industry and market these to hotel operators, as well as other tourist companies. Online seminars are hot, but don't underestimaterepparttar 117517 power of personal seminars to both make immediate income as well as gather high-quality leads for other products or services you offer.

10 Product Bundles

Bundle different product formats to add even more value to your offering without increaserepparttar 117518 cost. For instance, say you have written an eBook on travelling to your favorite city. Translate that into an audio product or audio interview by simply talking into a microphone into your computer or via telephone recorded into your computer and capture that via a relatively inexpensive recording software such as n-tracks (shareware). Where your eBook may only sell at $17-$27,repparttar 117519 bundled product may get you $47-$67 or more...with very little added cost. Bundling can be a highly effective technique to squeeze 3-4 times more profit out of your content.

If you are considering developing your own eBook on a specific topic, then consider these other options first. If you already have your own eBook, then consider these other options to pull additional profit from your content.

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