Written by Judy Thompson

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Even with what sounds like great support, how successful have people been that are using their support system? Is training available for you? Dorepparttar company andrepparttar 135068 support system offer conference calls and online training where you can learn more?

Another Important Question For Internet Marketers

And maybe one ofrepparttar 135069 most important questions in internet marketing forrepparttar 135070 majority of us who are not super marketers, or have a tremendous amount of time available would be this: does your support system offer an automated way to get qualified prospects to visit your website? That isrepparttar 135071 hardest part for most people to do --- getting qualified prospects to tour their website. If your support system not only provides you with a great website, but actually can bring people to it, with some of them joining your program, then you haverepparttar 135072 duplicatable system that is absolutely necessary for success in network marketing!

When all those pieces ofrepparttar 135073 puzzle are put together, then you have good reason to believe that you can be successful and believe in what you are doing.

One final note --- most likely your invitation to join something will come inrepparttar 135074 form of “make money with our program.” So usually you’ll see some kind of support system before you learn much aboutrepparttar 135075 company being promoted. Please use caution when looking atrepparttar 135076 various offers. You may wish to print out this article to use to help you analyze any offer in front of you. Yes,repparttar 135077 wrong choices can be costly and lead to disappointments. Hopefully, this article will help you avoid those mistakes.

Judy Thompson is a former teacher and an experienced networker. She promotes a nutrition company that has an automated system of support. For details, go to:

Book Yourself Solid Key Number 2: Choose Your Ideal Clients

Written by Michael Port

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- Bright (fun, lively and expressive humans) - Courageous (dream big and aren’t afraid to take risks) - Resilient (come back for more even inrepparttar face of failure) - Think big (they have high aspirations and their projects benefit lots of people) - Naturally collaborative (they seerepparttar 135067 benefit of working with others to accomplish their goals)

Now, come up with your own. 1. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________ 6. _____________________________________________ 7. _____________________________________________ 8. _____________________________________________ 9. _____________________________________________ 10. ____________________________________________

Benefits of working with Ideal Clients:

- You do your best work - You don't feel drained or tired - You feel invigorated and inspired - You connect with clients on a deeper level - You feel successful and confident - You know your work matters and is changing lives - Current clients consistently refer new clients to you - The magic of you sparkles and comes to life!

Congratulations! You just created a filtration system for potential clients. I’m sure you’ve heardrepparttar 135068 expression A. B. C. - Always Be Closing. Instead, I say…A. B. C. – Always Be Communicating! Let everybody and anybody know how you help people (your invest-able opportunities) and who your ideal clients are. Cool? Got it? Good.

Stayed tuned for Key #3: Cash In On The Brilliant, Creative And Quirky You!

Michael Port is the President of Michael Port & Associates LLC and is known as the guy to call when you’re tired of thinking small. To spend some more time with Michael and to think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world go to

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