BBC announces online financial health check

Written by Richard Green

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Those organisations withrepparttar best ideas will be given money fromrepparttar 146467 new Pensions Education Fund, which is part of a programme that, according torepparttar 146468 Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), will enable people to make their own decisions about their income in retirement.

The feeling from many, including HBOS,repparttar 146469 UK's largest mortgage and savings provider, is thatrepparttar 146470 financial services industry must help to provide more accurate and effective sources of information to customers. Education at an early age needs to be a key focus of any future plans, withrepparttar 146471 Scotsman recommending that, “incorporating loans and interest rates into maths problems or teaching youngsters how to open a bank account in social education - could go a long way towards ensuring our children are not let loose inrepparttar 146472 world with no financial clue”.

Proposed solutions need to be practically implemented as soon as possible, in order to enablerepparttar 146473 aging population to provide for its own long-term needs and not to end up depending on an increasingly financially clueless younger generation.

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Perks and Pitfalls of Debt Consolidation

Written by Tim Gorman

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2. Avoid debt consolidation plans that promise large reductions in your debt in a short period of time. There are no quick fixes. Debt reduction takes time an effort.

3. Avoid debt consolidation loans that are at higher interest rates than those you are currently paying. Paying more interest will not lower your overall debt.

4. If you choose a debt consolidation through a debt management plan make surerepparttar credit counseling agency you choose pays all creditors in a frequent and timely manner, otherwise your accounts could become more delinquent, accruing more fees and sending you deeper into debt.

5. One ofrepparttar 146421 most common pitfalls of debt consolidation occurs when consumers pay their credit cards off but continue to use them. Most people quickly max out again and end up with more debt and more pressure than they had before they chose debt consolidation.

If you make sure to choose your lender or credit counseling agency carefully, and know what you are getting into, you will avoidrepparttar 146422 pitfalls and debt consolidation will be a positive step that benefits your overall financial situation.

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