Written by Janice Johnson

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Many people do not realize this, but there are many natural foods that can actually lead to skin inflammation. We are always told to eat fruits and vegetables because they’re better for us than processed foods. However, some of these fruits and vegetables can actually be detrimental to our skin.

Did you know that inflammation actually plays a role inrepparttar development of swelling and disease? It also plays a role in acne and aging.

In youthful-disease free skin, when looking atrepparttar 136220 skin under a microscope, no inflammation is visible. However it is present in older skin. This is alsorepparttar 136221 same for acne-prone skin.

Basically,repparttar 136222 foods we eat are just as important asrepparttar 136223 foods we should avoid - like flour, bread, bananas, cream cheese, granola and honey. You thought these were good you’re your skin? Nope, think again! These foods are inflammation inducing foods which can actually leave our skin looking tired, puffy and prone to break-outs.

The list goes on (with natural foods that are bad forrepparttar 136224 skin), but if you want to learn more visit There you will find all natural tips, information and treatments for acne. These arerepparttar 136225 secretsrepparttar 136226 pharmaceutical and drug companies won’t tell you about.

Take care of your skin it is well worth it.

Janice Johnson is the founder of which offers all-natural tips, information and recipes to help treat acne naturally in both teenagers and adults.

Is Lunesta Sleeping Pill Safe For You?

Written by Cassandra Walters

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Are there Natural Sleep Alternatives Available To You? Absolutely!

The best all natural sleep aids onrepparttar market today are: 1) Somnatrol 2) Ambiatol 3) Somnulin

What makes a non prescription sleep aid product so appealing? Is itrepparttar 136165 all natural and non physically addictive properties? Prescription products as we all know poserepparttar 136166 risk for too many potential side effects and drug interactions.

These elite nonprescription products like Somnatrol containrepparttar 136167 all natural herb Valerian Root as one ofrepparttar 136168 main ingredients. This produces a two fold effect:

Stage 1: your body experiences a state of powerful relaxation. Stage 2: your body experiences an improved quality of sleep by inducing longer periods of restfulness.

You might not need to resort to prescription strength drug to get a good night's sleep. These natural supplements can support a sound and restful night's sleep. Unlike prescription sleep aids, these natural alternatives can be used on only nights when you really need it. You can take them before you retire, if you go to bed and discover you can't sleep, or even inrepparttar 136169 middle ofrepparttar 136170 night. Get some sleep restful tonight. Your body deserves it!

Cassandra is a health and nutrition counselor specializing in the study of natural alternative medicine. She is also a published author and an avid health and fitness enthusiast.

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