Written by Dr. Scott Brown, Ph.D.

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The famous Yale University Economist, Prof. Bob Shiller, Ph.D. is particularly harsh onrepparttar media in his book “Irrational Exuberance.” Dr. Shiller is onerepparttar 150819 economists that Alan Greenspan respects most and where he gotrepparttar 150820 term “Irrational Exuberance.” He portraysrepparttar 150821 media as sound-bite-driven where superficial opinions are preferred over in-depth analyses. I agree whole heartedly with him and contend that it is also done just becauserepparttar 150822 industry would rather haverepparttar 150823 retail investor confused and emotionally pliable to get you to buy and sell when they want with total disregard for your best interests!

People who had invested their life savings inrepparttar 150824 stock market were ripped off inrepparttar 150825 stock market becauserepparttar 150826 financial news media and analysts were hyping up what a great buy stocks were atrepparttar 150827 very top ofrepparttar 150828 market in 1999 and 2000. Atrepparttar 150829 same time inside corporate executives were selling out everything they had. What is amazing is that our federal government inrepparttar 150830 form ofrepparttar 150831 Security Exchange Commission never did a thing about it. There was never a blanket case taken or an outcry that almost all ofrepparttar 150832 inside executives had somehow magically sold out ofrepparttar 150833 market six months beforerepparttar 150834 market crashed.

Here isrepparttar 150835 valuable tip I want you to consider: when you are a beginner investor it is important that you DO NOT WATCH THE FINANCIAL NEWS OR READ THE FINANCIAL NEWSPAPERS! Don’t letrepparttar 150836 stock market industry lead you around byrepparttar 150837 nose like livestock torepparttar 150838 slaughter house. Don’t listen to what they want you to listen to. You should focus on learning what is important inrepparttar 150839 stock market andrepparttar 150840 mass media will only confuse you until you have educated yourself. Recommended reading: 1. Mahar, M. Bull! A History ofrepparttar 150841 Boom, 1929-1999 (New York, HarperBusiness , 2003) 2. Shiller, R., Irrational Exhuberance, (New York, Broadway Books, 2000)

I wish yourepparttar 150842 great abundance in your life you deserve because of what you are and don’t forget that happiness is found only inrepparttar 150843 precious present moment!

About the author: Dr. Scott Brown, Ph.D., the Wallet Doctor, is a successful investor. Dr. Brown holds a Ph.D. in finance. The Wallet Doctor is sought after for investment advice and coaching. For more information visit Dr. Brown’s site at or sign up for his investment tips at

Identity Theft – More Tips on How it Can Be Avoided

Written by Charles Essmeier

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repparttar documents you no longer need or unwanted credit card applications that come inrepparttar 150818 mail. Thieves can and do search through garbage to obtain such things. If you don’t need it, shred it.

  • Do not provide financial or personal information to anyone who calls you. The party onrepparttar 150819 phone may say that they are from your bank, but your bank isn’t going to call you to ask for your credit card or Social Security number. If in doubt, hang up and callrepparttar 150820 institution directly. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Print as little information as possible on your checks. Don’t preprint your phone number, driver’s license number or Social Security number. You’re making that information available to anyone who sees your checks. Print your name and address only; you can provide any other information yourself if necessary.

  • Don’t carry your Social Security card with you. Put it in a safe place. Many people are never asked to showrepparttar 150821 card during their lifetimes, so only bad can result from carrying it around with you. Be safe. Leaverepparttar 150822 card at home. While you’re at it, remove any other credit or debit cards from your wallet that you rarely use. Keep them at home and take them with you only if you need them. The fewer cards you carryrepparttar 150823 less damage that can be done if you lose them.

  • Anyone concerned about identity theft should make it as difficult for thieves to obtain his or her personal information as possible. A few simple steps can go a long way towards avoiding what could be a drawn-out and expensive problem.

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