Awareness - The Key to Personal Safety

Written by Bryan Robinson

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were lost. The thief was probably a bit disappointed when he discovered only three dollars cash in her purse. Since she cancelled all her credit cards, $3 was all he got. Atrepparttar time ofrepparttar 130826 incident,repparttar 130827 woman who was robbed was not carrying any self defense products (she is now of course). But more importantly, she could have preventedrepparttar 130828 crime with that tool called Awareness. Had she scannedrepparttar 130829 parking lot as she proceeded to her vehicle,repparttar 130830 suspicious man sitting in his car would have been spotted. And simply making eye contact with him may have dissuadedrepparttar 130831 purse snatcher, 'surprise' being a thief's best weapon. In addition, by maintaining composure enough to get a license plate number, she could have assisted Police in apprehension of this cowardly criminal.

Stun guns, pepper spray, and personal alarms are excellent products for self defense. They have saved many people from catastrophe. If you carry one of these items, they should be close by and ready to use. Carrying pepper spray inrepparttar 130832 bottom of a purse would be of no help if it was needed at a moment's notice. While these products can be very effective, they must be used in conjunction with Awareness, otherwise they can be rendered useless.

Bryan Robinson is the owner of Safety Gear HQ self defense products.

Soothing Symbols as Home Decor?

Written by Liz Hekimian-Williams

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Now that you can seerepparttar power of symbols and how they can prompt certain reactions, why not use this to your advantage in creating more soothing surroundings at work and at home?

Here is a list of several symbols that have been used throughoutrepparttar 130824 ages to represent such things as peace, tranquility, serenity, balance, faith, hope and goodwill. You may wish to consider one or more of these elements in your decorating plans since many individuals react favorably to these symbols and enjoy their essence.

-Dove of peace -Angels (some even have angels holding a dove of peace) -Serenity prayer or other prayer for joy or peace -Peace sign -Bless this home -Native American peace pipes and such replicas -Water element or fountain -Yin yang (balance) -Peace crane -Rainbows -Color blue -Color white -Olive branch -Chinese characters proclaiming peace, joy, love or harmony

As you discover that your body and mind reacts to soothing symbols, you will want to consider including some of these symbolic elements when decorating your office or home. Adding these accents will not only help you feel more relaxed and inspired, but will also help your visitors experience your surroundings as more soothing and inviting.

Liz Hekimian-Williams is founder of, an online gifts and home decor shop where you can find a large variety of home and garden accents, holiday, personalized, and special occasion gifts.

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