Awards Programs: Promotion

Written by Richard Lowe

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Be sure to add your award program torepparttar Website Awards Worksheet at as soon as you are finished. You will get some visitors from this worksheet. It's a good idea to make sure you have gotten your award listed in Awardsites before you submit torepparttar 125170 worksheet.

There are other places to get your award listed. Search them out and apply as you see fit. Generally, I've found these by applying for awards - usuallyrepparttar 125171 banners and buttons for these different programs are listed onrepparttar 125172 same page asrepparttar 125173 awards. Believe me, though,repparttar 125174 amount of traffic you get from ALL ofrepparttar 125175 other listings will probably be less than a good listing in Awardsites.

Oh yes, one thing to avoid is those programs which allow visitors to "automatically" submit to your awards program without visiting your site. My advice is to avoid these likerepparttar 125176 plague. Why? Well, these mean you will spend quite a bit of time looking at sites, butrepparttar 125177 award winners (and losers) will probably never see yours. That throws outrepparttar 125178 implicit exchange.

It also means that people who submit have not read your criteria, which means you will get lots of worthless submissions that you should never have received inrepparttar 125179 first place.

In addition, I've found that by far most ofrepparttar 125180 sites submitted in this manner do not measure up. In other words,repparttar 125181 amount of effort thatrepparttar 125182 award submission process requires is so small thatrepparttar 125183 sites are often not even worth visiting.

Where else do you promote your awards program?

- In your signature line on every email that you send out.

- As part of every single autoresponder message that you send. You should be sending an autoresponder follow-up for every guestbook signing, email form submission and anything else entered by visitors. Those autoresponder messages should include a brief promotion for your awards program.

- Anywhere else that you would promote your website.

If you do these things, you will most likely find that people will be submitting their sites to your awards programs in droves.

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How To Get The Most Mileage Out Of Running A Contest

Written by Denise Turney

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After you decide on a contest that complimentsrepparttar products you sell and also wetsrepparttar 125169 appetite of your target audience, get busy submitting your contest to leading freebie, contest, and sweepstake directories. These directories will bring you good traffic. One such place to start is The Freebie Directory ( Fromrepparttar 125170 directory you can submit your contest to 100 or more freebie, contest and sweepstakes sites. Keep in mind that many of these sites will request a reciprocal link from you. Create a link page before you place your submissions so you can completerepparttar 125171 process of submitting your site to 100+ contest directories in less than a few hours. Once you're in, you'll notice immediate results!

At we recently ranrepparttar 125172 1st Annual Chistell Poetry Contest. The response was overwhelming!

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