Awards Programs: Ethics

Written by Richard Lowe

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Another strong ethics point is to remember that your criteria is your contract with awards submitters. You should use no other standards except for your those criteria which were posted atrepparttar timerepparttar 131986 person submitted forrepparttar 131987 award. Why? Because you need to stick torepparttar 131988 agreement that you have made and not use some arbitrary standard known only to yourself.

Remember your power and be professional at all times. A professional is smooth, honest, hardworking and helpful. Don't get into arguments, flame wars or any other petty behaviors as regards your awards program.

Another important point to understand is an awards program should be pure. You should have no requirements, no string attached, except forrepparttar 131989 common request for a link back to your site. You can, of course, request people to sign your guestbook, but never make it a requirement to win an award.

Remember, again, to base your decisions only on your criteria. It does not matter ifrepparttar 131990 site you are judging belongs to your boss, your mother or your best friend - just judge againstrepparttar 131991 criteria. If you feel you cannot give an unbiased opinion for any reason, then by all means informrepparttar 131992 submitter pfrepparttar 131993 fact and do not judgerepparttar 131994 site.

A very important ethical point is your awards program is only as good as your own site. In other words, your own website should be a model to others as to what it takes to win one of your awards.

There are many other qualities that make for an ethical awards program. For a more complete list, see our statement of ethics at

In summary, by remaining ethical you can build an awards program that makes you proud and very effectively advertises your own site and professional skills. What better way to promote yourself than that?

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Attention to Detail or Learning How to Hate Humble Pie

Written by Tom Cornwell

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I was sick when I realized it!

Since then I've been a little more particular when I compose pages, with what goes out in my newsletter (and I still slip up), andrepparttar contents of articles that I submit to other newsletters.

Yesterday, I received an emailed 'proof' from a newsletter editor publishing one of my articles later inrepparttar 131984 week. Normally, I'd have simply acknowledgedrepparttar 131985 editor and got on with my mail. I decided to read it through though and, sure enough,repparttar 131986 hyperlinks inrepparttar 131987 credits atrepparttar 131988 end were missing and contained error messages in their places! I wrote back, explainedrepparttar 131989 problem, providedrepparttar 131990 corrections and thanked him VERY much forrepparttar 131991 'proof'! He replied within hours withrepparttar 131992 correction and we were happy campers again.

I thought it was interesting that I tookrepparttar 131993 time I didn't THINK I had and checked it over. That's all it took.

I will investigate unsolicited email that sparks my interest but it is so frustrating to get fired up over a message and want to get torepparttar 131994 advertised web site, only to find thatrepparttar 131995 site is not up, 'under construction', or otherwise unavailable. I think to myself thatrepparttar 131996 author of that email might just as well have flushed his investment in his time and money downrepparttar 131997 toilet for all it did for him, and it all could have been avoided by checkingrepparttar 131998 little things like 'details'... "Isrepparttar 131999 site finished? Is it up onrepparttar 132000 server yet? Good, sendrepparttar 132001 broadcast!"

I once read that most millionaires share a common characteristic: they can account for practically every cent they save, spend, invest, etc. They pay attention to details.

Do I still have errors out there? Probably, but less so...

...I'm selling more books now, anyway.

Tom Cornwell is the publisher of the OraMedia site on Dental Self Sufficiency ( and the OraMedia Newsletter. Tom also handles printing and graphics services in New York. Direct any correspondence to: or phone 607-739-5290.

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