Award Competitions: Route to a Publicity Bonanza

Written by Marcia Yudkin

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Fourth, take your own competence seriously. The sole proprietor category was sorely lacking in quality entrants, and if you had entered a site that was clear, functional, readable, decent-looking and businesslike, you could very well have had an excellent shot to win.

According to Anne Stuart, senior writer for Inc., material about their awards is amongrepparttar most-read stuff at their Web site throughoutrepparttar 102809 year, with awesome click-throughs torepparttar 102810 winning sites. The only cost of entering this sort of competition for such a publicity bonanza isrepparttar 102811 effort required to submit a considered and complete entry.

Adds Dan Janal, author of several books on publicity and founder of PR Leads, "You will get mindshare fromrepparttar 102812 judges, who are very important, influential people who could write about your company or tell their audiences in speeches. I know -- I've judged many contests and have found many interesting companies as a result."

Remember thisrepparttar 102813 next time you spot an announcement for an award competition. A blue-ribbon credential -- and attention fromrepparttar 102814 media andrepparttar 102815 public -- may be closer than you would assume.

Marcia Yudkin is the author of the classic PR guide, Six Steps to Free Publicity, and 10 other books. You can learn more about her new special report, Powerful, Painless Online Publicity, at

"Emergence of Las Vegas as an ART Mecca"

Written by Bob Rind

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show in 1991 and is now producingrepparttar first-ever RED CARpet ARTV AWARDS Presentation to spotlight visual artists.

The articile can be viewed: about us ARTV

a writer for The Las Vegan Magazine

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