Avoiding the Delete Button - How To Make Your Email Campaign Pay Off

Written by Diane Hughes

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3. Timing Is Everything - Didn't think that mattered? Oh! It does! The day ofrepparttar week, andrepparttar 109612 time ofrepparttar 109613 day all play a significant role in how effective your campaign is. For example: almost everyone is in a rush inrepparttar 109614 morning hours. This gives a greater chance that they will delete any email they do not absolutely have to read. Take note of your target customer's typical schedule, and send your emails during their "off times".

4. Give A Deadline - One simple instruction to act before a certain date can make or break your success. Don't neglect this vital element!

5. Consider HTML - These days, most email programs are HTML compatible. In fact, over 90% of customers can receive HTML emails. Color - whether in print or onrepparttar 109615 Web - always increases readability (if done tastefully). Consider having your email converted to HTML to make it stand out inrepparttar 109616 sea of plain text messages.

6. Give It A Break - Rather than writing long paragraphs (even a 3 sentence paragraph formatted at 65 characters per line looks long), write in short 1 or 2 sentence blips. This is easier onrepparttar 109617 eyes of repparttar 109618 reader, and doesn't take nearly as long to digest.

The competition for your customer's attention is growing greater byrepparttar 109619 day. Refining your email campaign can help you avoidrepparttar 109620 delete button, and reap greater profits.

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"Get Control of your E-Mail, Before it Controls You"

Written by Merle

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ExLife Add on for Outlook: http://www.ornicusa.com/add-ins/exlife.shtml

About Us Has a nice section here: http://email.about.com/cs/oetipstricks/

Nelson Email Organizer http://www.emailorganizer.com/

6) Do Something: Don't allow messages to build up in your inbox or before you know it you'll be buried alive in messages. As you go through your mail, try to act on every piece of mail you receive immediately.Reply to it, delete it, or file it in one of your folders. Just make sure you do something. If you follow this advice you'll never end up with 500 sitting in your inbox demanding your attention.

7) Print It: If you're like me, you subscribe to a lot of ezines. If you don't have time to read them online do what I do: print them out and take them onrepparttar road with you. I read them while waiting for appointments or when I'm on break or lunch at my night job.

8) Customize Layouts: Most e-mail clients allow you to customizerepparttar 109611 toolbars and look of your program. Addrepparttar 109612 features you use most often torepparttar 109613 toolbars and changerepparttar 109614 look ofrepparttar 109615 layout to suit your needs.

9) Return Receipts: Have you ever sent a message and wondered ifrepparttar 109616 recipient ever received it? Send your e-mail with a "return receipt" request and you'll be sent a notification by e-mail when they have read it. The reader can stop this message from going out to you, but nine out of ten don't mind and allowrepparttar 109617 reply.

10) Message Priority: When you send an e-mail you can setrepparttar 109618 priority ofrepparttar 109619 message to "high," which puts a red marker or flag next to it whenrepparttar 109620 recipient receives it. This tellsrepparttar 109621 reader thatrepparttar 109622 message is very important and may help motivate them to reply sooner. Just don't get inrepparttar 109623 habit of sending every message this way or people will get annoyed. Only use it for important correspondence.

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If you follow these top 10 tips, you won't find yourself drowning in e-mails and you'll spend less time managing it. Remember, you need to control your e-mail, don't let it control you.

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