Avoiding the Big Page Title Mistake

Written by Rob Francis

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Remember:repparttar page title isrepparttar 136969 single biggest factor.

So how do you choose a good page title? The best way is to write inrepparttar 136970 words that you think people would most likely type to find your site. These words are known as keywords. There is a lot more you can do with keywords but for now that is something beyondrepparttar 136971 scope of this post.

For a less competitive market you can rank number one easily in Yahoo! just by settingrepparttar 136972 page title. So if you wanted to rank well forrepparttar 136973 term "baby shower gifts" then you would create your page title so that it appears as follows: *TITLE*Baby Shower Gifts*/TITLE* (replace * with greater and less than characters)

In conclusion: Don't leave your page titles empty. If you do you are letting easily gained search engine visitors go to your competition.

Rob Francis is currently working towards a Ph.D in E-commerce and Website Management.

Visit Rob's sites at: Internet Marketing Software www.robsgreenclub.com Keyword Tools www.keywordtidy.com

Search Engine Marketing with Blogs

Written by Joe Balestrino

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Creating a blog will allow your content to be syndicated which in turn will increase traffic to your web site as well as build your link popularity through RSS and blog directories. This will give you and your products or services recognition. The knowledge and personal insights that you share will help build your business and your customer relations. The RSS feeds and blog directories will also help build your page rank on search engines. Blogs have allrepparttar ingredients to be one ofrepparttar 136968 best free advertising toolsrepparttar 136969 Internet has to offer. Why aren’t you taking advantage?

Visit Joe’s blog at http://mr-seo.blogspot.com/ You can also visit his other web sites http://www.jnb-design.com and http:// www.mr-seo.com for more information on SEO and to try out his services.

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