Avoid The Trap of Rampant online Home Based Business Failures

Written by Alec Brown

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I wasrepparttar Foremost Expert of this Failure to Next Opportunity Loop for years. I have trophies of past failures to show off. I can be working on 30 Different Opportunities, my computer crammed with e-books and strategies, and going through my retirement money very quickly. Simply put, I went broke. Only then did I take stock of my Get Broke Quick overload addiction, and finally stumbled my way out of bankruptcy.

Onrepparttar 135895 week of my BIG DISCHARGE, money started to slam into my bank account in massive unstoppable waves. This isrepparttar 135896 only business I have, yet I am no longer a pioneer of failed opportunities. This may not work for you, but it is my salvation. This is how I narrowly escaped bankruptcy, and have lots left over for myself.

This fully configured turnkey website is not fancy, http://homeincomeportal.com/random/ Yet, it is my full time business and all time salvation. Everything you need is right there for you to decide. Now, thereís always a Traffic Jam on my website. I discoveredrepparttar 135897 secret to all Financial Success in any online business adventure. It is a simple one. Work on one business, particularly if you only do your online business adventure on a part-time basis.

Don't get distracted. Don't dilute your precious time. Work on your project, whatever it may be, until completion. Learnrepparttar 135898 program; review all instructions over and over again, until you really know how it works.

All Business is difficult to understand, especially if you spent your whole life working on a job, but take your time to understand it. http://homeincomeportal.com/random/

Alec Brown Retired Maintenance Engineer and A Proud Home Income Portal Owner.

Alec is an 83 years retired Maintenance Engineer that lost his Retirement Savings of more than $200,000 in both MLM and online Business Ventures. He successfully recouped his loss and now works full time on his Home Income Portal at his 85 acre farm and 10 dogs in Muskoka.

Rich Dad

Written by Ran Ten

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This site been visited since than by over 100,000 visitors (without any marketing efforts)

2 years later, I used this knowledge and built my first commercial website: http://www.deadsea-shop.com

This time I've used different marketing techniques such as Arelis link exchange program, Overture and Adwords, Dynamic submission and few others to promoterepparttar site and reach high market shares.

Month afterrepparttar 135824 website was online; it started to sell in an average of $800 per month with average of 50% profit. (Nice but still not financial independency).

Fast Growth

If I can make $400 a month investing 2 hours per week, why not $4000 investing 20 ?

Well it doesnít work like that, First you need a huge variety of products, Financial capability to maintain inventories, and logistical capabilities. Or Not ?

No you donít need any of these, let me introduce you torepparttar 135825 new age of online business "AFFILIATE PROGRAMS"

Yes, there are hundreds of affiliate programs online;repparttar 135826 main advantage of most ofrepparttar 135827 affiliate programs is that you donít need inventories, logistics, operations or any financial capabilities. On most program you donít even pay any starting fees, you just need internet connection and spare time.

Since discoveringrepparttar 135828 secrets of affiliate programs and online marketing, I've started building websites in an average of 1 site per week / 4 sites per month E.g.

http://www.1800-international.com www.1800-international.com http://www.Cassino-Bonus.com www.Cassino-Bonus.com www.ITX-Group.com

The secret of growth is information sharing and I'm whiling to share and grow together. If you believe in yourself and believe we can financially grow together please donít hesitate to call or contact by Email:


Rich Dad Ė Real Implementation Techniques

After reading the first 3 books of Rich-Dad I constantly looked for an easy method to implement the techniques and building profits from this knowledge.

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