Avoid Potential Job Interview Disasters

Written by Nathan Newberger

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5. MONITOR YOUR INTERNAL SYSTEM Nature has a funny way of acting up atrepparttar wrong moments. Fortunately, you can help prevent these unwanted incidents. Avoidrepparttar 145467 awkwardness of a growling stomach by eating a few hours beforerepparttar 145468 interview. Be careful in what you eat and drink inrepparttar 145469 24 hours prior torepparttar 145470 interview. Do not overindulge; an upset stomach or hangover is formidable distraction.

6. DON'T BE TOO MODEST The interview is no place for humbleness. Too much modesty can make you appear introverted or lacking confidence. Don’t be afraid to be your own cheerleader. Prior torepparttar 145471 interview, make a list of your accomplishments both personally and professionally; practice talking about them. Have a friend listen to your answers as you practice. This will help prevent you from crossingrepparttar 145472 line between justifiable pride and boasting.

7. DON'T LACK ENTHUSIASM No one wants to work with a stick inrepparttar 145473 mud. With this in mind, how can you prevent from appearing lukewarm? Smile and maintain eye contact. Sit forward in your chair. Avoid speaking in a monotone. Be positive in your responses.

CONCLUSION By preparing yourself against these potential interview disasters you are one step closer to gettingrepparttar 145474 job of your dreams. Remember sometimes it really isrepparttar 145475 little things that makerepparttar 145476 difference. This article can be read online and shared with others directly at: http://www.worktree.com/newsletter/avoid-interview-disasters.html

Sincerely, Nathan Newberger, Managing Editor http://www.WorkTree.com

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Nathan Newberger is the job and career expert at http://www.WorkTree.com Nathan has over 10 years experience in staffing and human resources. He has worked both as a recruiter and career counselor. Mr. Newberger has been the Managing Editor at http://www.WorkTree.com for the past 5 years and his articles have helped thousands of job seekers.

How to Receive Multiple Job Offers After You’re Fired

Written by Marta L. Driesslein, CECC

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“Every time a bad thing happened in my career, I always landed on my feet and good fortune proliferated through increased earnings, greater fulfillment and expanded opportunity to learn new skills. Using multiple career marketing strategies simultaneously I made sure that failure was never an option,” he added.

Quickly create opportunities for yourself by changing your mental and physical state. Here’s what you can do to restore order out of your job loss chaos:

Want to deactivate your fears?

•Take a vacation now to clear your head and get perspective •Don’t feed your anger by calling past colleagues and revisitingrepparttar past •Welcome your firing as an unexpected career advancement torepparttar 145424 next level •Limit your pity party to one business day (8 hours) •Forgive, let go, accelerate onward

Want to reactivate your confidence?

•Volunteer your time to someone who needs you – a charitable organization •Convert your resume from a career obituary to a marketing promo piece •Inventory your portfolio of skills and question their relevancy / currency •Showcase your business talent by serving on a community task force •Upgrade your self-marketing campaign to strengthen your branding

Change your focus from retribution to restoration and you’ll findrepparttar 145425 key to layoff survival and increased employer interest. Swallow your pride and take control of your career by morphing yourself into a consultant. You might even be able to reverse your misfortune and sell your talents back torepparttar 145426 boss who fired you. Many ingenious job searchers have done just that and leveraged their talents by filling a void left by their departure.

If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.

Got any valid reason to settle for a bad-tasting insect when a juicy steak is just aroundrepparttar 145427 corner? Get on with it.

Marta L. Driesslein is a senior management consultant for R.L. Stevens & Associates Inc. http://interviewing.com/, a career marketing firm and organization celebrating over 24 years of providing strategic marketing solutions for its clients’ career transitioning needs.

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