Avoid Large Bank Processing Fees For US$ Checks

Written by Terence Tan

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A Novel Solution! Through sheer coincidence, we finally came across an online service that offers a way to cash all our $US commission checks(no matter how small in value), in a way that reducesrepparttar processing charges to only 5% ofrepparttar 102430 total check value!

Just take a look at their website and we're sure you'll agree that they have a wonderful (and probablyrepparttar 102431 ONLY viable) solution to protecting our hard earned commissions fromrepparttar 102432 huge processing fees charged byrepparttar 102433 banks.

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Please Visit: http://www.hugeaffiliates.net/refer/cashchecks.htm to save your affiliate checks from crazy bank processig fees.

(Please feel free to to freely reproduce and distribute this article, so long as it is reproduced in full, includingrepparttar 102435 hyperlinks, and no modification is made)

Terence Tan is the founder of HugeAffiliates.com, a website dedicated towards the development of Multi Level Affiliate Programs as an alternative system of business. Visit http://hugeaffiliates.com to learn how MLAPs can multiply your affiliate referral commissions.

How To Make Affiliate Sales In 15 Minutes

Written by Dan Farrell

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My experience is very new, I have only been doing this for a couple weeks, off and on, andrepparttar results aren't anywhere as good as Chris's. But I'm learning and tweaking, deleting, adding and researching for that 'hidden pot of gold'. A product that has a ton of searches with no competition :o)

The best results I've had so far are for an allergy/asthma affiliate. I have had over 250 clicks and a few sales for less than $9.00. That's only .03 cents a click, not bad at all. I found through Adword Analyzer that these keywords and keyword phrases for allergy and/or asthma had some nice term searches with few adwords on Google. So forrepparttar 102429 .05 CPC I was able to get my ads listed onrepparttar 102430 first search page for most of repparttar 102431 keywords.

You see, that isrepparttar 102432 very essence of success with any affiliate program, finding a product that is hot, has little or no competition and developing an ad campaign for it.

With Google Adwords you can get click-throughs within minutes and if targeted torepparttar 102433 right prospect, sales in minutes.

I'll update you with more of my personal results in repparttar 102434 next issue as well as more tips that I find or learn about.


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