Avoid Costly Advertising – Learn How to Write a Press Release to Promote Your - Self/Business.

Written by Michael Harrison

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How to write a press release.

 Date – top left hand corner, say’s it new.  Headline – make as ‘newsy’ as possible – get your USP in.  Para 1 - who, what, when and where, why it’s important.  Para 2 - expand on para 1. Don’t stray.  Quote – From someone in authority who is independent.  Offer FREE fact sheet.  Full contact details, including home contact – they work all hours!  Notes for editors, facts and background onrepparttar story, you or your company/business.

If issuing paper makerepparttar 142976 press release easy to read – double space.

Follow these guide lines and you should not go too far wrong. Remember you will get free publicity and they always need news. So it’s worth persevering and learning how to write a press release.

Tip: The impossible is oftenrepparttar 142977 untried.

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Maximizing Your Yellow Page Investment

Written by Lisa Packer

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But your business may be better thanrepparttar one that starts with “A.” So why don’t you tell me that? Move your company name torepparttar 142939 bottom, beside your phone number, and greet me with a bold headline telling me just what’s so great about you. Invest in a few lines of copy (get rid ofrepparttar 142940 photo of your store if you have to – I don’t really care about it, anyway) that prove you can deliver on some great promises.

Did you know that making those changes can increase your response by 600%? Yes, really. That beats having an “A” name any day!

Lisa Packer, author of "How To Dramatically Increase Your Business... Without A Blockbuster Budget" and "7 Ways To Get A Pay Raise From Your Web Site" is an independent Copywriter and Marketing Consultant. Find out how to get these two reports, plus more helpful articles like the one you just read at www.dramatic-copy.com. Dramatic Copy: The Right Words Make A Dramatic Difference.

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