Avoid Computer Phone Nightmares aka VoIP

Written by Dee Scrip

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Secure lines that include a providerís own patented technology simply means, calls from PC to PC go throughrepparttar providerís own server or platform, which incorporates its own security protection, thus enabling you to talk privately and with peace of mind.

What can you do? If you currently use a free computer phone or pay for a service, find out ifrepparttar 107964 provider operates from a secure server that includes patented technology. Request a detailed, written description relative to what their service provides. Ifrepparttar 107965 service includes an open server and/or they cannot give yourepparttar 107966 needed assurance or requested information, then discontinuerepparttar 107967 service and immediately removerepparttar 107968 software from your computer. You can analyze your computerís security for free by going to http://www.Symantec.com/SecurityCheck/

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As a 3WTel VoIP Solutions Provider, Dee Scrip is a well known and respected author on VoIPs. A mother of 5 and grandmother of 12, she truly enjoys helping others succeed financially so they, in turn, can do the same for others.

What is VoIP?

Written by Dee Scrip

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Most reputable VoIP solutions providers have secure lines that include their own patented technology.

Some VoIP solutions providers require limiting PC to landlines or cell phones to their own subscribers.

Advantages of VoIP

∑With VoIP, you have unlimited talk time to anyone inrepparttar world from PC to PC for a flat monthly rate ∑Most VoIPís offer drastically reduced costs for calling PC to landlines ∑Most VoIPís offer reduced costs for calling PC to cell phones, however, prices vary depending onrepparttar 107963 cell phone carrier. ∑Savings of up to 80% off current phone bills.

What arerepparttar 107964 Costs for VoIPs?

Typically there is an enrollment fee which varies between $20.00 to hundreds of dollars Monthly fees, after enrollment, varies between $5.00 per month to $75.00 per month If you do not have a microphone on your computer, you would have to purchase one. Cost is between $5.00 to $40.00.

Things to Watch Out For with VoIP Solution Providers

∑Hidden costs ∑Unsecure lines - meaning anyone can listen to your conversation because of shared servers or open platforms ∑Inability to be used with dial-up connections ∑Public listing of your name and/or phone number ∑Unsecure lines or Free services may have spyware, no protection against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc., which can corrupt your computer and ultimately causes it to crash

Additional Information

To download a complimentary VoIP test line for one week, visit http://www.keepintouch4free.com (make sure you tell all your friends and family to download a line also fromrepparttar 107965 same website so you can talk to them too)

If you descire a substantial income with weekly and residual monthly payouts, check outrepparttar 107966 Business Division by going to http://superiorvoip.com/PTL4ever

Dee Scrip is an authorized 3WTel VoIP Solutions Provider and is a well known and respected author of numerous articles on VoIPs aka computer phones. A mother of 5 and grandmother of 12, she truly enjoys helping others succeed in attaining financial freedom so they, in turn, can help others do the same.

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