Avoid Boat Buying Fraud

Written by Tim Gottschalk

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Not only will you be outrepparttar money, your boat is now overseas. It will be very difficult to prosecute someone from a foreign country.

We recommend if you are dealing with someone overseas, make sure you do thorough background checks. Get as much information aboutrepparttar 138236 buyer as possible. Also try to use a 3rd party escrow company forrepparttar 138237 funds, to help protect you.


If you have been victimized byrepparttar 138238 Nigerian scam forward appropriate documentation torepparttar 138239 United States Secret Service, Financial Crimes Division, 950 H Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20223. Donít expect much help though. The Secret Service has not jurisdiction in these countries. They cannot forcerepparttar 138240 Nigerian Government or Police to act.

Tim Gottschalk operates several boating related websites including: http://www.houseboatingworld.com and http://www.netboater.com - featuring boats for sale. He has been an avid boater for over 20 years.

Rider Burnout

Written by Bill Dunigan

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Once an individual starts competing, things change. At that moment you are thrust into a world of professionalism. It's tough out there. Thenrepparttar real costs kick in. It's very difficult for someone to justifyrepparttar 138208 enormous expenses incurred by showing without some real measured level of success. These are simplyrepparttar 138209 cold hard facts.

What I am advocating is a return to those things that first held our interest. I do not feel it is necessary to abandonrepparttar 138210 interest in a particular discipline. Instead, think of it as adding to, expanding, or enhancing your fundamental interest in horses and riding. Don't allow yourself to become so absorbed by something torepparttar 138211 exclusion of everything else. We must protect ourselves from becoming burned out by overkill.

Enjoy torepparttar 138212 fullest those aspects of riding that really hold your interest, but maintain a balance. That balance isrepparttar 138213 key. Remember,repparttar 138214 more you limit yourself,repparttar 138215 soonerrepparttar 138216 decline will begin. I don't mean to suggest that we are all domed, I am merely trying to bring your attention to a possibility which could arise for some, if we as a group do not address it.

I would suggest that we look for opportunities to expand our activities rather than limit them. Suggest that trail ride, get a group together and go watch a show in a completely different discipline, not to criticize but to learn, find one of those stable tours. I think you getrepparttar 138217 idea. Start expanding your exposure and take along some friends and most of all relax, learn, and enjoy.

You have permission to copy and reuse this article provided there are no changes made torepparttar 138218 article and credit is given torepparttar 138219 author andrepparttar 138220 link to his website remains in place. Please notify him by email if you are going to use this article. You may contact Bill Dunigan through his website: http://www.barrelracingclinic.com/

Bill Dunigan has been teaching and competing in excess of 40 years. He has taught and competed in Barrel Racing, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing, Dressage and served as President of a local Dressage Association. During this time, he Fox Hunted four days a week with two different Hunt clubs, one of which he served as Joint Master. Bill qualified six years in a row for the World Championships with the National Barrel Horse Association.

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