Avoid After Vacation Stress

Written by Ida Byrd-Hill

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Not thatrepparttar budgeting is in place, a family can dream and research pricing for their next vacation. There are some many travel websites onrepparttar 151103 web. Choosing one site to purchase your vacation creates a new stress. How can a family be sure they are gettingrepparttar 151104 best deal? Each site says they haverepparttar 151105 best prices. Comparison shopping isrepparttar 151106 key. However to move from website to website is cumbersome. If you leave one site to go to another your information is wiped out or worse yet your deal is seized by another traveler. Livinginstyleonline.com has made a family’s life easier by providing 26 ofrepparttar 151107 top travel discount websites, such as Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Hotwire, Last Minute Travel, Travel Worm, Sky Auction, Hotel Planner, Vacation Outlet, Ubid and many others inrepparttar 151108 travel section of their marketplace. One can open windows of these sites and compare them at a click ofrepparttar 151109 mouse rather than toggle all overrepparttar 151110 internet. This comparison feature allows you to findrepparttar 151111 best price for your vacation onrepparttar 151112 web with little stress. Come visit livinginstyleonline.com often asrepparttar 151113 travel website list is continually growing. Avoid after vacation stress by saving money on your next vacation, visit www.livinginstyleonline.com.

Ida B. Byrd-Hill was the President of The Harvard Group Wealth Management L.L.C. for 10 years. She created investment portfolios, insurance plans and residential/ commercial financing. She has provided financial seminars for the UAW/ Daimler Chrysler. She has served as guest columnist for the Michigan Front Page for 2 years and a speaker for the Better Investing television show hosted by David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber.

Is Your Trash Cash? 5 Easy Places to Sell Your Stuff

Written by Karen Fritscher-Porter

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CONSIGNMENT/RESALE SHOPS: If you have discovered that you like walking in fresh air or you stink at tennis, consider giving up your treadmill or tennis rackets in exchange for cash. Sell used sporting goods equipment to stores such as Play it Again; or put it on consignment at such stores. That means ifrepparttar item sells,repparttar 151102 store gets a cut. If it doesn't sell, you're still stuck with it and earn no money. Also, you probably have some clothing consignment stores in your community. Checkrepparttar 151103 phone book and look around, or ask around, to find them. Sometimes resale shops or consignment shops will advertise in those weekly freebie "tell and sell" or community newspapers too. Make some inquiries with these shops about what seasonal clothes they're looking for currently; then give them your good stash of clothes that you no longer wear to sell on consignment. Make sure you inquire about what happens torepparttar 151104 clothing if it doesn't sell (so you get it back and they don't cart it off torepparttar 151105 nearest charity clothing shop which some will if you want them to do so).

FRIENDS AND CO-WORKERS: Sure it's okay to give things away now and then to friends in need. But if you're planning to sell an item and you happen to know a friend, acquaintance or co-worker seeking just such an item, why not give them first purchase option? When I married, I ended up with a lot of duplicate items just taking up storage space. One day during a casual conversation with a co-worker I found a new home for my almost new, small microwave. My co-worker had just divorced, moved to this new state, owned almost no household items and lived in a very small apartment; my small microwave was a perfect match for her needs. I ended up with $25 I needed and she ended up with a must-have item for her new apartment. So keep your ears open for people seeking what you're getting rid of and don't be afraid to say an item is for sale (after all, if you could afford to give it away, you probably wouldn't be reading this article.).

Karen Fritscher-Porter is the publisher/editor of http://www.Christmas-Cash.com, a Website that brings you simple pocket cash and freebie earning opportunities and ideas. She also publishes http://www.EasyHomeOrganizing.com, a Website that helps you organize your home. Both sites offer free articles, information and ideas and a free newsletter.

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