Avoid, Shun, Thwart, Prevent, and then Filter Spam

Written by Nick Smith

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Do NOT open, respond to, or purchase from spam. Interacting with spam in any of these ways indicates torepparttar spammer that not only is your address valid, it’s also active. Do not respond with “unsubscribe” inrepparttar 109498 subject line, or click on any links to remove your name out ofrepparttar 109499 database, as both of these are common ploys to confirm your email address. Remember, because sending email is so inexpensive, spamming can be profitable even if only a small percentage of people purchase what they’re selling. Don’t support what you’re trying to stop.

Finally, Filter your incoming email using filtering software. Even if you guard your email address religiously, you’ll likely still receive spam. Filtering software is usually inexpensive and effective, but there are some important features to consider with any filtering package:

• Make sure you can control what comes to your inbox and what gets deleted. The best programs create a spam folder for you to review before permanently deleting emails.

• The software should block images from incoming emails. Many jpegs in spam actually hide code that notifiesrepparttar 109500 spammer whenrepparttar 109501 email is viewed. Blocking images will not only keep offensive content off your screen but will also help prevent more spam inrepparttar 109502 future.

• Choose software that provides you with updates - as new spamming techniques are created and proliferated, filtering software should keep up.

While eliminating spam from coming to your email address is nigh unto impossible, following these simple steps will mean you’ll have to spend less time deleting spam from your inbox, giving you more time forrepparttar 109503 important things of life –- like reading this article.

Nick Smith is a client account specialist with 10x Marketing - More Visitors. More Buyers. More Revenue. Find more information about how to filter spam at ContentWatch, Inc.

Nick Smith is a client account specialist with 10x Marketing - More Visitors. More Buyers. More Revenue. Find more information about how to filter spam and eliminate temporary internet files at www.ContentWatch.com.

Email Email and Oh Yeah - Email

Written by Christopher

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So we have to treat people’s inboxes with respect. To stop annoying those potential clients, here are some easy to follow rules:

oSend emails only to them that ask. Your mails should only go out to subscribers. Remember that it’s illegal to send emails to PRIVATE addresses like jamesroberts@yahoo.co.uk Business addresses are different such as admin@bbc.co.uk , but still don’t spam even business ones.

oRemoverepparttar addresses when asked. Never anger potential customers, as refusing to do something like removing them, will do this. They see your mailings as unproductive, untargeted, not asked for, or even actual scams (even though they arent’), but this isrepparttar 109497 label most come under – even if you only sent 4 inrepparttar 109498 last year.

oIf you buy email lists – check them before use. Most are useless money makers, that don’t work, bounce back or simply fail in some technical way.

oTry a few test mailings first, something simple like an offer to send em something free. This is good for locating and dealing with all those bounce backs you’re going to get. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a better quality list – you know, something to work with. Save those ones, and send them a more deserving personal email,as this is whererepparttar 109499 sales campaigns will be more successful.

oNot Read. Ah,repparttar 109500 not reads – I really like these, no seriously, as I get to remove them (the power andrepparttar 109501 glory), well, they aren’t going to buy anything anyway, so why waste time contacting them – or even serving them!

oIt keeps that database tidy and better qualified, oh and saves you from flaming abuse mails from sad prospects who aren’t interested.

oEnsure that you use a real email address. This is just obvious.

oMake sure that subject line isn’t deceptive. Remember to make it straightforward, don’t confuserepparttar 109502 prospect or give themrepparttar 109503 opportunity to file you – inrepparttar 109504 computer bin. And they will, if they can’t understand your message!


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