Avandia Side Effect Lawyer: Diabetes Drug Damages Liver

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

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It is also advised, should you suffer adversely fromrepparttar use of Avandia, to consult a lawyer. The recent proliferation of dangerous drugs intorepparttar 149297 marketplace is a disturbing trend, and should a drug threaten your health you should be repaid for damages andrepparttar 149298 drug should be taken offrepparttar 149299 market. ga

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Health And The Economy

Written by Dr. Randy Wysong

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Government is notrepparttar solution, since it produces nothing but only takes. Government saps an economy, it does not create it. The more that government is hands off,repparttar 149296 betterrepparttar 149297 economic vitality. A robust private sector economy (environmentally responsible), onrepparttar 149298 other hand, is notrepparttar 149299 enemy as it is so often portrayed, but is critical to financial vitality. Capitalism is not in itself a demon since it merely providesrepparttar 149300 mechanism for prosperity and with thatrepparttar 149301 opportunity for a society to focus on matters of health and altruism. It works well if ambition and hard work, not merely greed, are its tools. The inevitable decline of our standard of living is an inevitable and irreversible trend forrepparttar 149302 foreseeable future. It should concern us not because we want to see American super abundance continue, but because those who are unaware and get caught as casualties in this economic downturn will suffer in so many ways. The world is no longer business as usual. Good health is not just about diets, supplements, organic foods and aerobics. Itís also about being safe, like driving carefully, not standing onrepparttar 149303 top of a stepladder, wearing safety glasses when chipping stone...and working hard, keeping our financial house in order and supporting societal choices that dorepparttar 149304 same. Life is not surety, and neither is our economy. Nevertheless, hard work and prudent management will never be replaced and is as close to security as we can ever get. It, not entitlements and guarantees, is what ultimately createsrepparttar 149305 financial footing we need for good health and a sustainable, better and more peaceful world.

Dr. Wysong is author of seven books on health, nutrition, philosophy and origin of life. He is director of the non-profit Wysong Instute and author of the Wysong e-Health Newsletter (free on-line) now in its 18th year of continuous publication. http://www.wysong.net

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